Discover Why Failure Is The Mother Of Success

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Discover Why Failure Is The Mother Of Success

There is an ancient Chinese proverb, which says that failure is the mother of success. If you do not think about this statement, you might think it does not makes sense.

Whenever I hear this proverb it reminds me of my first failure in a higher institution.

In my first semester at school, I failed a course(Trigonometry) and I felt so bad after checking my result.

I went home and slept off because I couldn’t believe it, I was going to have a carryover. This means I’m going to attend the lectures and write the exam again.

After I woke up from my sleep, I thought about what happened and I knew that I failed the course because I wasn’t attending lectures regularly and I didn’t pay attention to details.

During this period of thinking I was able to get a solution that helped me finish my program without failing again.

Yes, I had to attend lectures and write the exam again but I was able to learn some lessons that helped me avoid failure in future.

Then, I had a friend who passed the course but he failed a course in his final semester and he had an extra year in school.

I’m not trying to mock him, I’m only trying to let you know that failure doesn’t matter so far you learn from it.

How should you handle failure?

Assess yourself

The mistake most people make When they fail is that they do not assess themselves. People don’t assess themselves because they don’t want to take responsibility for failing.

Most people blame others around them when they fail but the only person they don’t blame is themselves.

When you assess yourself, you will find out the errors and mistakes you’ve made. These errors will help you make better decisions next time.

Know that failing is part of life

Don’t be deceived, failing is part of life. If anyone tells you he has never failed before, that person is a lair.

Failing is not an issue but response when you fail, is what matters. If you respond appropriately, it will birth success but if you respond wrongly, you will continue to fail.

Don’t feel bad when you fail, just shake it off and move. Failure is part of life and it is meant to teach you how not to do things.

Make necessary adjustments

Change is the only constant thing in life. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result.

If you try to do it one way and it didn’t work, you should make some adjustments and changes next time so that you can get a different and better result.

If you want to be successful in life you need to be flexible about making changes. People that are rigid fail and keep failing because they don’t want to embrace change

People that are open to adjusting and making changes achieve more success because they are always willing to change to a better strategy

Don’t get beaten twice

There is a quote that says once beaten twice shy. This means that whenever you experience failure, you should learn from it and correct the mistakes you made on your next attempt.

It is only foolish people that keep making the same mistakes over and over again and they don’t learn from it.

You should be fast at making adjustments and changes when you make mistakes. That is the way you can always transform your failure into success.

Make sure you learn from your failures and come out better and stronger than you were before failing.

Don’t let your failure hold you down instead you should use it as a means of birthing your success.

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