How To Overcome Inconsistency In Your Life (Must Read!)

How To Overcome Inconsistency In Your Life

In today’s post, I will be showing you how you can avoid inconsistency in your life.

Inconsistency has been one of the major reason that people do not achieve success in life.

There is no way you can be successful in life if you are not consistent at what you are doing.

Consistency is the ability to do something repeatedly over a period of time till you get result even though it is not convenient.

If you are having issues with being consistent, you have to get rid of it today and that is what I will be showing you in this post.

Inconsistency can hold you down for years and prevent you from making advancements in life.

Look at your life for the past 5 years and ask yourself a question.

What is that thing you would have done every day for the past 5 years that would have brought about a drastic change in your life?

You will definitely get an answer if you think deep. And that goes to show the powerful impact that consistency can have on your life.

I will be sharing with you some tips on how to be consistent in life and avoid inconsistency.

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You Are A Supernatural Being

I’m sure that you might be surprised at the topic because it says you are a supernatural being. Well, that is just the plain truth, we are all supernatural beings and we are capable of doing supernatural things even though we are in physical form.

Who is a supernatural being

A supernatural being is someone who is above or beyond the natural. This is someone who does extra ordinary things.

We all supernatural beings and that is why we can do extraordinary things.

The moment you start seeing yourself as an ordinary person. That is the perspective you will have about yourself.

If you also see yourself as a supernatural being then you will begin to function in that capacity.

If you are still doubting that you are a supernatural being then I will show you some reasons which will make you know that you are a supernatural being.

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7 Tips That Will Make You Live A Better And Stress Free Life

7 Tips That Will Make You Live A Better And Stress Free Life

In today’s post I will be showing you 7 Tips that will make you live a better and stress-free life.

I know that there are people who like stress natural but I don’t belong to that category.

I heard about the story of a man that went for interview and they asked him if he can work under pressure.

His answer was that his middle name is pressure and that he can work under pressure.

The man was employed and he started working with the company but he noticed that they kept on giving him loads of work continually.

Then one day the man complained to his employer that the work load on him was too much and the employer told him his middle name is pressure and he should be able to handle the several tasks given to him.

Luckily for him, he was posted to another branch where the work load was lesser. That was when he started enjoying the job.

So, do not be like the guy that loves stress and pressure. Instead you should learn how to reduce stress and live a better life.

1. Have a vision

Having a vision is having a mental picture of what you want to achieve before it manifest.

It is not just enough to have vision but you need to have a clear vision.

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5 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid This New Year

Happy New year to everyone and in this post, I will be discussing about 5 types of friends you should avoid this year.

This is my first post for the year and I hope you read it and learn from it.

Last year I couldn’t write much post because I was focusing on some other projects but this year I will consciously make more effort to write posts regularly and I hope you read my posts.

Well, the post title might sound mean sometimes we need to reduce our communication with some people.

The people we relate with have influence on us be it consciously or unconsciously.

There is this popular saying that show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

I’m just going to go straight to the point of my post today. 5 types of people you should avoid in your inner circle.

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How To Live A Disciplined Life And Work More Effectively

In this post, I will be showing you how to live a disciplined life and work more effectively.

Living a disciplined life will definitely help you work more effectively.

And living a life without discipline will make you live a live that is less effective.

This goes to show that living a disciplined life has a relationship to how effective you become in life.

First, let us take a look at what discipline means.

Discipline simply means doing what you ought to do at the right time even when it seems inconvenience for you to do it.

Being disciplined also means having self-control and also developing necessary habits you need to succeed in life.

Now, I will go on to show you how to live a discipline life and work more effectively.

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Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Being Consistent

A lot of times, we have dreams that excite and inspires us to take actions. The dreams might be in different areas of our lives, for instance, some people have a dream of having a perfect body while some people could have a dream of traveling around the world and they get motivated at the early stage but they get tired as time goes on.

This happens to a lot of people, you see them motivated at a point in time and later on you will notice that the zeal and inspiration starts dwindling possibly because they are still far away from achieving their dreams, so they just give up.

If you are in a situation like that, I will be showing you the easy away to stay focused till you achieve your dreams. Make sure you read this post till the end and I’m sure it will change your orientation about issues like this.

The secret to staying focused till you achieve your dreams is being consistent at whatever you do and in this post I will be showing you some things you didn’t know about being consistent.

Great success begins with little actions

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How To Work With A Team And Achieve Fast Result!

A team is a group of people working on same activities in order to achieve the same goals.

So that means if a group of people come together but they don’t work on achieving same goals then you cannot call them a team.

You can actually be part of a team when it was created. For instance, when a company is about to start, a new team is created. Let’s say you were called upon to join the company when it was starting, that means you are join a new team.

You can also join an existing team, let’s say a company has started for some years and you are called upon to join the company some years later, that means you are joining an existing team.

You can also be a team member or you can be a team lead.  But all the same the team lead is also a member of the team, just that he is responsible for most of the decision making that the team makes.

I will be showing you some tips to work with any team effectively

Tips to work with a team effectively.

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How To Take Effective Break When Working

There are some time that when you are working, you just get tired or bored and at this point you might need to take a break because when you take a break, it gives you a stronger comeback.

I will be discussing about different ways you can have rest while working

Listen to music

Music is a pleasant sound to your ear that you enjoy listening to. There are also different types of music and for different purposes.

Some songs are meant to excite you, some are meant to motivate you, while some are meant to make you feel relaxed.

So, like I said music or songs can have different effect on us and one of the best ways to take a break when at work is by listen to music especially the ones that makes you feel relaxed.

Whenever you take a short break, you can quickly utilize to listen to songs that can motivate you or make you feel relaxed.

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7 Things To Do Every Morning To Make Your Day Successful

The thing is that I also do that sometimes maybe when I wake up late and I have an appointment to catch up with.

I’m not saying this routine is bad but it’s not the best way to start your day because it will make you less productive

I’m writing this post because the daily morning routine of most people is brush your teeth, take your bath, get something to eat and rush out of the house.

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How To Develop The Habit Of Meditation


When you develop the habit of meditating, it will give you the ability to see the world from different perspectives and not just from one perspective.

It is actually good to see the world from different point of views because it will help you to easily understand the world and the people around you.

So, how do you develop the habit of meditating?

I will be showing you some tips on how you can develop the habit of meditating.

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