Reasons Why Banks Won’t Give You Loan

Banks are always willing to do business especially when it comes to loans but there are some reasons why banks won’t give you loans. They build relationships with their customers over some time to know if these customers are worth doing business with.

Some reasons why banks won’t give you a loan are discussed below, follow this advice and getting a loan from a bank will get easier for you.

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom Before 30

Financial freedom is a topic that is important to everyone, don’t let anyone deceive you not to take the financial aspect of your life seriously.

There are two categories of people in life, those who have financial freedom and those who are debt-ridden.

The difference between these two sets of people is that those who have attained financial freedom don’t live in debt, they have enough savings and they have enough funds to support their lifestyle and decisions conveniently.

Debt-ridden people are always under pressure whenever it comes to spending to support their lifestyles because they do not have enough funds to support their lifestyles and decisions.

The major difference between these two sets of people is preparation. People who have attained financial freedom were able to because they prepared ahead of time.

The question you should ask yourself today is how are you preparing yourself for financial freedom.

The best time to start preparing is now, no matter how young you may be you can start planning for your future now.

Some tips can help you attain financial freedom if you are in your 20s or 30s. I will be discussing some of those tips in this post.

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The Ultimate Guide to Paying Off Debt in 5 Years

Do you have debt? Are you tired of making monthly payments? Do you dream of being debt-free? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people are in debt worldwide, and many of them are struggling to make ends meet.

The good news is that it is possible to pay off debt in 5 years. It takes hard work and dedication, but it is doable. In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to paying off debt in 5 years.

Step 1: Create a budget

The first step to paying off debt is to create a budget. This will help you track your income and expenses so that you can see where your money is going. Once you know where your money is going, you can start to make changes to your spending habits.

You should not just spend money as it comes, you need to have a plan for your money.

You need to be in control of how you spend your money. Your money should not control by how to spend it.

A lot of people allow their money to control them on how to spend, They overspend when money is in excess.

Instead of overspending when you have excess funds, you should save and use part of it to service your debt.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Betting (STOP IT NOW!)

Instead of betting with your money, you can instead save the money. That is the wise decision to make.

If you have been betting before then you need to read this post. In this post I will be showing you reasons why you shouldn’t get involved in betting.

I heard story of a guy who won lottery money, about 2 million dollars and that’s a huge amount of money.

Some people began to study this guy to see how successful he was going to be in some years’ time.

But to their amazement, after some years the guy lost all his money and he became poor again.

So you might be wondering what really happened.

Well, let me tell you what actually happened, the money had wings and it flew away.

Yes! If you are wondering if that is true, it is very true. Money has wings and it can fly.

So as an individual you need to learn the science of making money so that you can attract money by making it fly to you and you also need to learn money management so that you can hold your money, keep it from flying away and make it work for you.

Now, let me show you some reasons why you need to avoid getting into betting or gambling.

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Why Is Financial Success Important To You?

I will be discussing on the importance of financial success in today’s post. It is good we succeed in different areas on our lives but it is also important that we succeed financially.

The reason why is said it is important for you to be successful financially in life is because financial success fuels other aspects of your life.

It is good to be successful financially but that should not be the only success you desire in life. You should also consider success in other areas of life such as your physical and spiritual life.

I have seen a lot of rich people that are sad, empty and depressed. This is happening to them because they have focused on only financial success in life.

Let me tell you, if you have all the money in the world and you do not have good health, you will not be able to enjoy the money you have.

In this life do not wear yourself out to get rich or I let me put it like this, do not kill yourself to get rich.

At every point in time, you should be conscious of your health (mentally, physical and spiritually)

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How To Contact Guarantee Trust Bank Plc Customer Service

Guarantee Trust bank was founded in 1990 but commence operation in 1991. and have continued to grow and wax stronger till now. They have also grown to become one of the most respected banks in Nigeria.

In 1996 Guarantee Trust bank became a publicly quoted company and in 2002 the bank was granted a universal banking license by the CBN.

They bank has also won the award for the best bank in Nigeria several times. They have focus more on retail banking which has helped them to grow. Their head office is located at plot 635, Akin Adesola Victoria Island, Lagos.

GT bank was the first bank I opened account with and I still run it till date because their services has been good. That is the account that I run most because their banking services are reliable.

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How To Contact First Bank Of Nigeria Limited Customer Service

First bank of Nigeria like the name implies is the first bank that was founded Nigeria and they have been consistent over the years. Many banks have come and gone after it was founded and it is still operating at an optimum level.
First bank was founded in 1894. The bank was established by Sir Alfred Jones, a shipping head from Liverpool England.

The bank has its head office in Marina, Lagos Island and has over 700 branches across Africa. The bank has subsidiaries in countries like Ghana, Congo, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra-Leone and Senegal.

For eight consecutive years the bank has received the Best Retail Bank in Nigeria from year 2011-2018 by The Asian Banker.

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List Of Banks With Reliable Internet Banking Platform In Nigeria

These days, I usually have cause to do transactions with people I don’t see or even know and I need to make payment for these transactions using internet banking. Imagine if there was no internet banking, I will need to go to the bank to make the transaction myself and that would have taken some of my time.

Banks With Reliable Internet Banking

Internet banking also saves your time because you can do your transaction within minutes which is better than going to the bank as you might need to queue before entering the bank and also queue before doing your transaction.

I can remember there was a day I was on my way home and I saw something I have been waiting to buy, but I wasn’t on cash.

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How To Make Decision And Be Firm About It

Being able to good decision is one of the qualities of a good leader. I do not think you will see any good leader who isn’t a good decision maker. Every good leader needs to be able to make timely and effective decision because they are leading other people and will make decisions that affect those people’s lives.

Being indecisive is a weakness and shows sign of poor leadership. Being indecisive is bad because it doesn’t just affect you alone; it also affects your follows and people around you.

You need to be able to make timely and effective decision as leader. The best leaders in the world have the quality of making timely and effective decision.

Tips for making timely and effective decision

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Why Financial Success Is Important To Everyone

When we talk about financial success, we can also call it financial freedom. That means getting to a level whereby you are financially independent, you can spend money on your wants and needs without borrowing from others and still have excess to save and give to others.

So, you can see that financial success for people is measured at different level.

For someone who has a company with 200 staff and someone who has a company with 20 staff, their financial success level will be different.

Everyone has a level they attain financially and they can say they are financially independent or successful.

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