How To Constantly Motivate Yourself Even When You Feel Down

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It’s normal for us as humans to feel down sometimes but it’s is not normal to remain in that feeling.

You shouldn’t allow circumstances, situations or challenges determine your mood instead you should be responsible for choosing the mood that you want.

You are responsible for your life and your actions so don’t let anyone or anything control your mood

In this post, I will be showing you how to constantly motivate yourself even when you feel down.

Break your goals into smaller units

It is good to have big goals and it is normal for those big goals to scare you but there’s a solution and the solution is breaking the goals down into smaller units.

When you break your goals down into smaller unit, it will give you the confidence to achieve your goals because you will focus on smaller goals which will be easier for you to achieve.

For instance, it is easier to focus on selling two of your items daily in a month than focusing of selling 60 of your items at once

Celebrate your successes

Some people don’t like celebrating until they hit it big, they only celebrate when they get a big deal.

That’s not really a good attitude towards life. The attitude you should have is that you should be grateful for every little success and celebrate.

When you do this, you will get motivated and will be willing to achieve your other goals.

You should learn to be more flexible with yourself, take things easy and also celebrate yourself regularly.

Track your progress

One of the ways you can stay motivated is by having a regular report that tracks your progress.

When you have a report you are working with, you will be able to think logically. You will know what you’ve achieved so far and also what is left for you to achieve.

In a situation whereby you don’t track your progress you won’t know how well you are moving forward in terms of achieving your goals, so it is necessary to track your progress.

Imagine you have 10 goals set for yourself in a day and you’ve achieved 7 already, you will be easily motivated to achieve the remaining three because you know what’s left isn’t much.

Always see the big picture

In life, there’s always a big picture of where you are going. That’s the big result that will be produced by all our small goals.

The reason why you always need to look at the big picture is because it motivates you and show how fast you need to move.

For instance, if your big picture is travelling to USA from Africa, you will know that you can’t walking or traveling on land can’t take you there.

Based on the big picture you have; you will know the steps to follow and goals to achieve if you want to travel to the USA from Africa.

When you don’t have an idea of the big picture, you will just start doing something without making any impact.

Keep trying

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to keep on trying even when you seem to get it wrong sometimes.

The moment you give up, it will be hard for you to find your vibes again.

I’m not saying you should keep trying the wrong things over and over again but what I mean is if one strategy doesn’t work try another one until you get the strategy that works for you.

Giving up shouldn’t be an option because there are lots of information out there that can help to achieve your goals, make sure you use them to your advantage.


Don’t wait for people to motivate you, because even if they do it, they can’t do it all the time.

The greatest motivation needs to come from you. You need to learn how to motivate yourself. It’s normal to feel down or tired about moving on in life sometimes but in moments like that, you need to be able to motivate yourself else you just find yourself giving up easily when you are almost achieving your success.

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