How to Be Successful In Life At A Young Age (Must Read!)

Success means different things to different people, but successful people have some things in common that they all do. I will be showing you some tips on how you can be successful in life at a young age using these common tips that successful people use.

You should also know that success is not a day of work, it is a result of several efforts you’ve been putting into work.

Well, I have good news for you and the good news is that you can succeed if you want to succeed. So, it’s left to you to make the decision.

Now, let me share some tips that successful people use

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Finding Refuge in His Grace: 15 Powerful Bible Verses to Pray for Mercy

When you have prayed and you don’t know what to pray about again, it is time to start asking for the mercy of God.

This is a prayer you should pray daily because you must experience the mercy of God every day of your life.

God releases His mercy for us every day so it is left to you to take advantage of that Mercy which God has made available.

The mercy of God has a lot of benefits and it can give you victory in your daily life.

If you live your life without the mercy of God, you will keep struggling. The mercy of God makes life easy

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10 Powerful Bible Verses to Pray for Healing and Wholeness

As a Christian, healing is your portion already, you only need to take your healing by faith.

If you are sick and you want to pray for healing, you can use these Bible verses. You can also use them to pray for anyone who is sick (your friends, neighbour and loved ones)

Getting healing from God is possible you should access it through faith.

God has sent Jesus Christ to take our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. That means once you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, your infirmities and sicknesses as been taken away.

So what should you do when you are sick and you already know that your sicknesses have been taken by Jesus Christ?

You need to grab your healing because being sick is not our portion but sound health is our portion as a Christian.

When you feel sick, you can go to the Hospital to see the doctor for treatment. God can heal you through the doctor. Going to the doctor for treatment is a show of Faith.

You are going to the Hospital because you believe, you can be healed.

But there is a higher level of faith which is trusting God to restore your health.

God can restore your health if you believe and pray to God.

In order to achieve your healing, you need to read, meditate and pray using the Bible verses below. You can also add fasting to it.

This process can never fail you because it has never failed before. Our God has never failed before and He will not fail in your situation.

Meditate and pray using these Bible verses until the sickness goes. Dont allow sickness in your life, it is not your portion.

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Moses’ Hidden Key: Unlocking Success through Humility

Moses was one of the men in the Bible that was recorded who saw the glory of God. God also spoke about Moses.

God also testified about Moses being the meekest man on the face of the earth.

Moses had to learn meekness before he was promoted by God. Don’t be deceived to think that there is any greatness without humility.

Pride can bring a successful man down, you might not notice it but it happens a lot.

A lot of successful people are stagnant and placed in one position because of pride. Pride can limit your success and that is a form of downfall.

Some of the points we can learn from the story of Moses include

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Good Intention With Wrong Process Can Lead To Destruction

There is a story in the Bible about a young man named Shechem. He wanted to marry Dinah the daughter of Jacob. (Gen 34)

Shechem had a good intention, he wanted to marry Dinah because he loved her and was attracted to her strongly.

But his process was wrong, he violated her before proposing marriage to her.

I don’t know why he would have done that but violating a lady (rape) in any culture is wrong.

Or possibly he had been raping other ladies because he was the prince of the country.

At the end of it all, even though he had good intentions, the process was wrong which led to the destruction.

Not only was Shechem destroyed but his Family and his country were destroyed.

Simeon and Levi the sons of Jacob deceived Shechem and his people by telling them to circumcise every male in their country.

Shechem informed his country people about the proposal and they accepted they respected Shechem and his father.

After the circumcision, while they were still in pain, Simeon and Levi killed Shechem, his father and the males in the country.

They plundered the country and took their wives as captives.

You can see how destruction came upon Shechem and his people because he followed a wrong process even though he had good intentions.

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Beyond Our Control: How to Embrace Faith and Resilience When Life Gets Tough

Sometimes we face challenges that are too big for us to handle. You can say challenges are way out of our league. These challenges can be anything from a natural disaster to a serious illness to a major life change. They can leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, and even scared.

The standard is that we manage challenges that are within our control. We can make decisions, take action, and solve problems. But when it comes to challenges that are out of our control, we have to take a different approach.

Here are some things you can do when you are facing a challenge that is out of your control:

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Shining Like Stars: The Call of the Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2 :9)

If you are a Christian, that means you are part of a chosen generation. God’s people are different from the people of the world.

As a Christian, people should be able to see you and recognize you as a Christian even before communicating with them.

You shouldn’t be the type of Christian that will have to inform everybody that he is a Christian before the know.

I’m not saying it isn’t good to tell others that you are a Christian, in short it is good but most importantly people should be able to know that you are a Christian before you tell them.

So, you can see that Christians are special people which is why they behave different from the people of the world.

Now, lets look at why we are called a Chosen generation.

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Beyond Belief: Putting Faith into Action (James 2:26)

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

From the definition above, we can see that faith is not something that can be seen. And will also see that faith can produce things.

Faith is a gift everyone can possess if they put their mind to it. Everyone should desire to have faith and keep increasing in faith.

If you have faith as small as a muster seed, you can move mountains.

In this post, I will show you how to make your faith work for you.

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

James 2:26

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God Knows The End From The Beginning (Isaiah 59:19)

Do you know that God has saved you from a lot of challenges you couldn’t overcome on your own.

Sometimes you face challenges that are too tough for you but at the end of it all you overcome because God was there to help you.

Let us see what the Bible says in Isaiah 59:19

“So shall they fear The name of the Lord from the west, And His glory from the rising of the sun; When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.”

New King James Version Isaiah 59:19

I will be sharing with you some of the things I learnt from this Bible verse .

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Breaking Free: How to Stop Masturbation Forever

Masturbation happens in a situation whereby you touch your body erotically to derive sexual pleasure.

Masturbation is an art that you can easily turn to addiction if not curtailed at a small stage.

Don’t let anyone deceive you that masturbation is okay or that it gives pleasure, I will tell you straight that it is a bad habit. Do not practice or encourage it.

Masturbation is not only bad, It is also harmful to the health and emotion

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Are There Consequences For Sharing False Biblical Doctrines?

If you are someone who reads your Bible regularly, you will notice that some biblical Doctrines being shared are false. You may be wondering if sharing these false do have consequences.

The answer is yes. Sharing False doctrine has its consequences while sharing true doctrine has its benefits.

Some people see sharing the gospel as a business and as a means of making money, such people will preach a false doctrine.

The standard to know if a doctrine is true is by finding its source in the Bible. Whenever a preacher shares what the word of God says, that is the true doctrine.

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