Why You Should Become Successful

It’s scary to think about your future, isn’t it? You don’t know what you want to do in life, nor if you will ever find the answer. But hey, don’t worry! We are here to help you out. You see, we understand that there are so many things in your life that you need to sort out and figure out. Whether it is school, friends, or family; there are so many aspects of your life that require your attention and focus. 

So much so that we believe becoming successful is the only way for you to achieve happiness. But what does this mean? Well, becoming successful means achieving everything that matters to you in life – whether it is a new job or moving into a new home. This article covers all the best tips on how you can become a success in every aspect of your life.

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What are Success Criteria and Why You Should Have Them

When creating new processes or designing new ways of working, it’s important to define the criteria by which success will be determined. Success criteria are measurable and quantifiable indicators that can be used to determine if a new process or design has been successful and is performing as expected. 

Why do we need them? If you’ve ever worked in a company with a convoluted, bureaucratic workflow, you know how essential it is for every team member to have clearly defined objectives, roles, and responsibilities – not only to make day-to-day operations more efficient but also because those things help identify issues when they arise. 

The same principle applies to defining success criteria for new processes or designs. Success criteria are measurable indicators of success that can be applied during pilot tests, beta tests, and full rollout of any new process or design. They provide concrete proof that the organization has achieved its goals and can serve as an actionable checklist in case something goes awry.

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How To Overcome Lack Of Discipline (Tips To Develop Discipline)

It is common for people to be faced with the issue of lack of discipline but there are steps you can take to overcome it and that is what I will be discussing in this post.

What Does Discipline Mean?

Discipline can be defined as the act of training yourself to do something regularly even if it is difficult to do. Some people have a natural ability to focus and accomplish goals, but for others, it takes time and works to develop these skills. If you want to accomplish something important in your life, it’s not enough to hope for success – you need to take action and be disciplined about it.

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Fake Humility: Reasons For False Humility

In this post, I will be discussing false humility because most people don’t know what it means to practice false humility.

False humility is showing humility whilst you were given no cause to be humble or whilst you don’t experience humility. Since people value humility, fake humility is often a method to take advantage of the blessings that comes with sincere humility. 

Some Reasons human beings show false humility 

Besides looking to keep away from offending others and showing delight indirectly, there are different motives for human beings to show fake humility. Some of the reason people show fake humility includes: 

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Prayers For Success In Life (Bible Verses)

Your prayers can make you successful in life and I will be showing you some prayers for success in life.

 Someone once said we should pray hard as if work doesn’t matter and also work hard as if prayer doesn’t matter.

 What the statement is saying is that you should pray and also work hard not leaving one for the other.

 You can pray to be successful in life and that prayer will come through. A good example in the Bible is Jabez.

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How To Succeed In Importation Business Using Your Mobile Phone

How To Succeed In Importation Business Using Your Mobile Phone

Mini Importation Using Your Mobile Phone

This short course is for anyone that wants to make extra income or for someone who has never made any money doing online business before. This is a sure model that works for anyone be it a student or a worker.

Well, the reason why the course is termed to be mini importation is that you do not need to invest a lot of money before you get started. You can get started with as low as 30,000,40,000 or 50,000 depending on your capacity and how much you are willing to invest.

And with this small amount, you can make good returns if you know how to promote your items very well.

You do not need to look for big funds before you can start up your business. In this short course, you will learn all you need to know about mini importation.

This course is not for people that are looking for a shortcut to make money. This course will teach you the normal process of making money easily and it can be done on your phone.

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Create Opportunities Instead Of Waiting For Them

There are 2 categories of people in life. One group creates opportunities for themselves and people who wait for opportunities to come to them.

Most people are in the second category always waiting for opportunities to come to them because it is an easier option.

These days, I still see people open a store and they don’t market it, all they do is stay in their store and wait for customers to come. Well, customers will come especially if the area is densely populated.

I also, see some people that do not have a store, they sell other people’s products and promote the products online. These types of people sometimes get more customers that the seller of the product itself.

In life, you can create opportunities for yourself and you can also wait for opportunities to come to you but the best thing you can do is to create opportunities for yourself

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What Is Your Soul Purpose For Living? To Get Rich Or Add Value To Others

Your purpose for living determines the decisions you make in life. That is one of the general principles of life. Like the bible says that a good name is better than riches, for you to build a good name is based on the decisions you make daily, and to get riches also depends on the decisions you make daily.

To have a good name means having a good reputation that precedes you, it’s all about being known for something good. For instance, you may be an excellent doctor, a renowned life coach, a successful engineer, a successful trainer, or the CEO of a big organization. That which you do to affect the lives of others is the good name you are known for.

What most people don’t know is that a good name comes with riches too. So why sell your soul just to get rich when you can actually build a good name and the riches will also follow.

Living to make money is good but there is a greater purpose than making money.

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How To Stop Feeling Incompetent And Worthless (BOOST YOUR SELF WORTH)

I will be discussing on how to stop feeling incompetent and worthless, I’m discussing this because a lot of people have the potential to be successful in life but they don’t give it a try because they feel they are incompetent.

Feeling incompetent and worthless is mostly caused by you believing other people’s opinion about you. You should not let other peoples opinion define who you are instead, you should have a picture of who you want to be and continually work towards it.

You should know that you are not worthless but you have hidden potentials in you which you need to discover. The same thing happens to gold and diamond, they look worthless initially but when they are refined, they become very valuable.

Nobody has the right to make you feel you are worthless because you are special and unique in your own way. You have the potential to be the version of yourself.

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How To Overcome Inconsistency In Your Life (Must Read!)

How To Overcome Inconsistency In Your Life

In today’s post, I will be showing you how you can avoid inconsistency in your life.

Inconsistency has been one of the major reason that people do not achieve success in life.

There is no way you can be successful in life if you are not consistent at what you are doing.

Consistency is the ability to do something repeatedly over a period of time till you get result even though it is not convenient.

If you are having issues with being consistent, you have to get rid of it today and that is what I will be showing you in this post.

Inconsistency can hold you down for years and prevent you from making advancements in life.

Look at your life for the past 5 years and ask yourself a question.

What is that thing you would have done every day for the past 5 years that would have brought about a drastic change in your life?

You will definitely get an answer if you think deep. And that goes to show the powerful impact that consistency can have on your life.

I will be sharing with you some tips on how to be consistent in life and avoid inconsistency.

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