How To Make Decision And Be Firm About It

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Being able to good decision is one of the qualities of a good leader. I do not think you will see any good leader who isn’t a good decision maker. Every good leader needs to be able to make timely and effective decision because they are leading other people and will make decisions that affect those people’s lives.

Being indecisive is a weakness and shows sign of poor leadership. Being indecisive is bad because it doesn’t just affect you alone; it also affects your follows and people around you.

You need to be able to make timely and effective decision as leader. The best leaders in the world have the quality of making timely and effective decision.

Tips for making timely and effective decision

Seek advice from professionals

When making decision, you need to have enough knowledge and you can get knowledge by listening to professionals, reading specialized books on the subject or search for knowledge online.

A lot of times, most people want to try things their way without getting advice from people and the end result is usually failure. When you feel too lazy to get new knowledge that will be needed for what you want to do, you will still end up wasting your time.

Always seek advice from professionals before making decisions if you do not have enough knowledge about the matter at hand.

Weigh the pros and cons

For every decision you make, it will have it advantages and disadvantages. So you should be making your decision based the option that has more advantages.

Don’t make decision without considering the pros and cons because you might likely make the wrong decision. Do not make your decision blindly; calculate before making your decision.

Think of the goal you intend to achieve

Before making a decision, you should think of the end result you want to achieve. When you think of the end result you want to achieve, it will guide you in making your decision.

Some people believe that they can live life without setting goals. When you live your life without setting goals, you will likely end up making wrong decisions in life because you do not know what you want in life.

Make sure you set goals for yourself and let those goals guide in in making the right decision.

Consider the consequences of your decision

Your choice will determine your consequences in life. For every decision you make, begin by thinking of the end. Look at the worst and the best case scenario, if you can determine this, it will help you in making your decision.

Sometimes, when you want to take risk, just think of the worst that can happen. Those who trade Forex can tell you more about this because they know they either win or lose but they play in such a way that what they will lose will not affect their finance.

You can also apply this strategy when making decision as it will give you the confidence to make decision.

Do not overthink

Do not overthink before making a decision, when you overthink, you are likely to make the wrong decision. I’ve noticed this a lot of time when playing chess, when overthink before making my next move, I usually lose the game even with all the time I used thinking.

I’m not saying you should not think before making your decision. But don’t let your thinking keep going back and forth.

Have a time frame for making decision

Time management is one of the major keys to success and it also applies to decision making. You need to be timely if you want to make the right decision.

You can assign maybe 30 minutes to think about a challenge and come up with a solution. This will help you concentrate fully on the challenge at hand, thereby making you get a good result.

Make your decision at the appropriate time and stick to it. Don’t be the type of person that makes a decision and change his mind and keep changing his mind till you get confused. You need to be able to make your decision, stand by it and stick to it.

Don’t be indecisive; it will portray you like weakling to others. Do not think being indecisive is cool, it isn’t cool instead it makes a person see you as someone who is weak. 

You might think that people will like you for being indecisive. Yes, people might like you but they wouldn’t respect your personality.  You should build a personality that’s firm, strong and decisive.

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