How To Get Back Up After Failing

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The truth is that failing isn’t a good experience but it is something that is common to everyone. As humans we are prone to fail sometimes but we shouldn’t allow our failure define us or limit us.

Do not let anyone deceive you that they haven’t failed before, everyone has failed at a point in time in life, even the most successful people in the world.

Don’t let failing weigh you down, don’t let it give you depression,  don’t let it give you high blood pressure because it is common to all mankind and if properly managed can become a stepping stone to success.

You should see failing as a stepping stone to success and not as the end of the world. It’s how you handle failure that really matters and not failure itself.

Let’s discuss how we can bounce back from success after failing

Take responsibility

The first thing that can help you bounce back from failure is taking responsibility for your failure. That means you do not play the blame game.

Some people really know how to play the blame game, they blame everybody except themselves. They blame the government, their parents, their family members, their friends and everyone around them for their failure but they never see fault in themselves.

The thing is if you continue playing the blame game, you might not be able to overcome your failure but if you take responsibility for your failures, that’s the first step to overcoming your failure because you know you’ve made a mistake and you need to correct it.

Keep trying

Losers quit after failing while winners keep trying until they win. You should have a winner’s mentality, just keep trying your best at whatever you do and success will surely find you.

Sometimes when you fail you tend to compare yourself to successful people but what you do not know is that those successful people have also failed in the past before they were able to succeed.

One thing I’ve learnt in life is that you should never give up, just keep trying till you get things right. The difference between a loser and a winner is that the winner is more committed and keeps trying till he wins.

Be in a positive environment

One of the ways to also get out of failure fast is by avoiding negative environment and people. Please run from people who keep giving you several reasons things can’t be done.

For you to recover from failure, you can visit places that make happy, places that are colourful and can give inspiration. For instance going to the beach can be a source of inspiration because you see beautiful creatures and colour which makes you happy. You are more likely to succeed when you are in a good mood.

Understand that everyone has failed before

You need to understand that everyone has failed before, no matter how good or intelligent that person is. Failure is normal same way it is normal for a baby to fall severely when learning how to walk.

What seems abnormal is for you to never try, it’s just like a baby that has never attempted to work all the days of her life that baby might never be able to work. So that’s what I call abnormal.

With this understanding, you should be able to handle failure with the right attitude.

Find motivation

You might need some motivation to get back on your feet after failing. The truth is that it is not always easy to motivate yourself, of course you can motivate yourself but it isn’t always easy.

You might think that you don’t need motivation but you actually need it because it might just be a little motivation that’s going to push you to your success.

You can discuss with good motivational speakers to help motivate you or you could search for resources such as books, eBooks and videos that can help you get motivated.

Learn from your failure

I believe one of the reasons why we fail is because we don’t have the required knowledge to succeed but the good thing is that we can learn from our failure and get the required knowledge and resources to help us succeed.

When you fail you’ve learnt one way not to do something. It would be a waste of time if you do not learn from your failure because the whole essence of you failing is so that you can learn.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail, it’s part of life. Some people never take a step because they are afraid of failing.

You should do what you need to do without the fear of failing and even if you fail, it’s natural for everyone to fail but the difference between winners and losers  is that winners learn from their failures and turn it to a stepping stone to success.

Seek advice from professionals

One of the ways to avoid re-occurrence of failure is by seeking advice from professionals.  There are professionals in different fields that can give you advice on steps to take so as to come out successful.

Don’t feel you know everything because you really do not know everything. You might have your area of specialty and have general knowledge about other things but you do not know everything.

Don’t be too big to seek for advice from professionals, it will only help you achieve your success faster. So I feel you should give it a try.

Make a report

One of the things that is also going to help you is your ability to document events and make reports. This will help you to easily analyze your steps, which makes it easy for you to spot where you’ve made mistake.

A lot of people do not have the habit of making reports because they just feel it is a waste of time.  Making report actually makes you more accountable, so it is advisable you always make report. You don’t need to make you r report elaborate, just make sure it is detailed and keep it short.


When you fail, it might have been because you didn’t try hard enough or maybe you made a mistake. If you made a mistake, then you need to re-strategize thereby working on avoiding that mistake next time.

You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. If you keep using the same strategy that made you fail, that means you will keep failing also.

You need to take time out to make some changes and re-strategize if you really want to turn you failure to success.

Be expectant

In life, what you see is what you get. If you see success, you will get success, if you see failure then you will get failure.  You shouldn’t allow your past failure becloud your mentality and affect the way you see things.

Some people actually fail not because they don’t know what to do but they actually fail because they are expecting failure based on their past experience.

Do not let your past experience determine your expectations out of life. Don’t let your past failure hinder your success. You should always expect success in all you do and as you do so success is what you will get.

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