7 Obstacles That Can Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

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You might have noticed that sometimes you set goals and don’t achieve them, but the truth is that you are not always happy when that happens. There are obstacles that you need to overcome so as to achieve your goals, so let’s look at 7 obstacles that can stop you from achieving your goals.


This happens when you delay to take actions you ought to do. Delaying your action at that moment seems to give you the pleasure of relaxing and the pleasure of doing the needful later but this will have its effect as every decision you make will yield result. Some people do not procrastinate because it gives them pleasure or they are lazy, but they procrastinate because they want to wait for the right time, so as do their work perfectly.

The best time to always take action is now, when you have an activity that is important do not delay it to a later time, instead do it now or seek for help of someone else, the concept is that you take necessary actions to achieve your goals. Procrastination is sweet but you can overcome it, by keeping a straight mind and doing important things at the right time.

Not making sacrifice

If you want to achieve big goals, you need to make sacrifice. That means you doing things that are not convenient for you, doing things that will stretch you, doing things you’re not meant to do but for the sake of achieving your goals, you do it. To make sacrifice is to go the extra mile, those moments whereby you do activities to achieve your goal instead of sleeping or going to night parties, those are the moments you’re making sacrifice or those moments when you miss lunch because you traveled to see a client and you wait for hours to meet your client when you have the option of staying back at your office to have a good lunch.

You need to make sacrifice if you want to get extraordinary result. Sacrifice is also a form of giving, it entails giving more than enough time, money and energy towards a cause. It might be hard for you to make sacrifice but what will help is you knowing that it’s worth it and it can produce a great result. 

Not thinking

not thinking

One of the obstacles that can stop you from achieving goals is you not thinking. A lot of people do not achieve their goals because they’ve not really sat down to think about it. When you set goals, you should think how to achieve it, it’s then you begin to generate idea on how to achieve your goals.

When you start thinking, you’ll be able to create strategies for you to achieve you goals, you come up with ideas of people to see who can help you with achieving your goals and even places where you can go so as to achieving your goals. So, how do you think about achieving your goals? Simply ask yourself how can you achieve your goals or pretend as if you were advising a friend on how to achieve those goals, and you’ll notice that you start getting new ideas.

Not planning

Another obstacle that can stop you from not achieving your goals is you not planning. Planning is important if you want to succeed and achieving your goals, planning entails you breaking your goals into smaller activities and you working on it step by step in order to achieve them.

Planning is something you should do daily; you should always plan your day. When you don’t plan to achieve something, it might be hard for you to achieve it; planning also saves you time and help you achieve your goals faster. Learn to plan for each day the activities you want to do and what you intend to achieve.

Giving up

giving up

Giving up is that moment you turning back and let go instead of finishing a task. If you are the type that doesn’t like challenges, you’ll likely give up whenever you are faced with one. There are some reasons for you to give up but there are many reasons for you NOT to give up. When you keep moving, you get stronger, you learn new things, you become more experienced, you have a drive and you can still achieve your goals if you don’t give up.

For instance, when dealing with clients, you need to keep following up with them. When a client turns your offer down, you can still follow up, when a client makes a promise to deal, you still need to do a follow up until you’ve sealed the deal. Don’t see giving up as an option instead always fight for what you want, you can do it.

Waiting for opportunities to come

Waiting for opportunities to come your way is good but the best is to create opportunities for yourself. When you have a nice product to sell and you have a good location to do business, don’t wait for customers to come find you possibly because there’s a signboard placed outside your office. What you should do is go after the customers to persuade them to buy from you, by so doing you’ll be creating more opportunities for yourself.

Go for what you want, you don’t need to wait till an opportunity presents itself. To create opportunities, you need to take action by working towards your goals. Don’t sit down in one place, expecting opportunities to come your way, instead go all out to create the opportunities you need.

More talk & less action

more talk less action

You should do more activities as it the activities you do that will help you achieve your goals. Spend less time talking about your goals instead start working on it now. When you are sure of yourself, you don’t need to brag to anyone about achieving your goals, you’ll just work on it and your actions will speak for you.

When you are bragging to others about your goals, it shows you are not sure of yourself and you’re trying so hard to convince people that you’re a genius. Learn to talk less and do more activities, let your actions speak for you.


Wishing you success all the way and don’t forget that you need to stay focused to your goals and also fight to overcome the obstacles written above. Your goals are achievable, so put in your best to achieve your goals.

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