Learn How to Improve Your Brain Capacity

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Increasing the capacity of the brain is something most people desire and if you are reading this post right now it shows that you are interested in increasing the capacity of your brain. Some of these tips are things you’ve heard or read about, so I will just be refreshing you on those tips again.

The plain truth is that the brain is like a muscle and it can be developed, the way you develop your muscles by exercise is the same may you can increase your brain capacity when you exercise it.

Learning is not just about reading but also about remembering and practicing what you read. I would like you to go a step further after reading this post by practicing what you’ve read.

Learn a new word every day

This might sound funny but it is doable and it can help increase your brain capacity. This activity can be done within 5 minutes a day but it needs to be done consistently.  By doing this you will notice that you’ve been able to learn new words and their meaning, you would have also been able to cultivate the habit of memorizing words.

When I say you should learn new words, I do not mean that you should only learn the word. What I mean is that you learn the words, know what they means and also how to use the words.

Play puzzle games

Puzzle games allow you to stretch your brain and think. One of the puzzle games I play regularly is word cookies but there are several others out there that you can play on your phone. Playing puzzle games regularly gives your brain the ability to think outside the box, the ability to proffer solution when a situation seems challenging.

I know you might likely have games on your phone, that’s good but it is better if it is a puzzle game because the puzzle game entertains you and also develop your mind at the same time.  You can try downloading one today and start playing but if you do not know anyone to download you can download word cookies on android or iOS.

Read & summarize

Reading is a habit that everyone needs to cultivate but I know it’s not easy because sometimes it might be boring. Reading can be fun for some people and can be boring for others, if reading is fun for you then you are lucky but if it’s boring to you then you need you cultivate the habit.

Listening to audio books and watch educative videos can be a fun way to learn if you find reading boring but the thing is that reading only is not enough as you also need to be able to summarize what you’ve read.

The real learning is in your ability to remember the things you’ve read, if you can’t remember wht you’ve read, that means you are not utilizing the brain to its capacity. One of the ways you can utilize your brain is by reading and summarizing what you’ve read.

Teach others

Teaching is the process of impacting knowledge into others, that means you can only teach what you know and when you teach what you know you will get a better understanding about the topic.

You might make excuse for yourself by saying that you are not a teacher therefore you don’t know how to teach but the thing is that there is no particular method of teaching, so you can give it a try by sharing your knowledge with others.

Make sure you use any opportunity to teach someone judiciously by taking your time to explain to the person and as you do so you will get a better understanding of the topic and you will also be able to memorize the topic.

Meditate daily

Meditation is a process of thinking deeply and reflecting upon a subject, meditation takes time and should be done in a quiet place. That means you need a quiet place to do your meditation and as you do so you will be able to see issues from different dimensions and come up with creative ideas.

I understand that you might be busy most days but inside that busyness you should try to create time for yourself to meditate about issues. When you do this regularly your brain will develop the ability to proffer solutions to challenges you might be facing.

Get enough sleep

I know most people will love this part because it talks about sleeping. Well, that’s good because sleeping is good for the body and also for your brain also. Can you imagine working for48 hours without sleeping? What do you think would happen to your brain? Your brain won’t function at the optimum level.

Your brain needs to rest after work, make sure you do not stress your brain out as the brain becomes less productive in such state.

Also note that too much of sleep is not good for your brain as it will make your brain lazy.  Too much sleep means that you sleep for most part of the day especially the periods you can use to work or exercise your brain. Sleep is good but do not love it as too much of sleep can make the brain dull.

Exercise your body

Exercising your body is also important for you to increase the capacity of your brain because the main function of your brain is to control your body movement, so you can see that there is a link between your brain and your body movement.

Your brain also learns faster when your body is in an active and playful state, which is why children find it easy to learn a lot of things because their body is an active and playful state.

Exercising your body is a good way to develop your brain, so try to exercise your body regularly.

Final note

You can increase the capacity of your brain even if it has been left dormant for many years, all you need to do is start exercising it. This can be compared to a situation whereby you are exercising your body muscles after leaving it dormant for several years, all you need to do is start by doing few exercises and gradually you start to do more exercises because you’ve increased capacity.

Increasing the capacity of your brain is something that is doable, this is something that won’t happen in a day but it might take few months. Follow the tips written in this post and you will notice drastic change in the capacity of your brain.

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