How to Be More Social and Friendly

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I will be showing you how you can be more social because it is one of those skills that you need if you want to be successful in life. 

When you work with others you are able to achieve your goals faster compared to when doing everything all by yourself and that one of the reasons why you need to socialize with others.

Another reason you should be willing to meet new friends is because you can express and share your feelings with other people as this will lift some burden off you and make you happy.

When making friends you should also be careful about the type of friends you make and keep because they have the ability to influence you.

Try making friends that are going to challenge you and can help you get to your next level in life. Make friends with people that are intelligent, focused and have positive attitude.

Smile regularly

Smiling is beneficial to you and also the people around you. People can easily start a conversation with you when you are smiling but when you are frowning nobody wants to talk to you.

There are some times that you might not need to smile especially when you have a serious talk with someone or you want to correct that person.

Keep a smile on your face when necessary as you do not need to smile the whole day.

Engage in outdoor activities

You should try going out during weekends, you can visit the mall, go to recreation centers, and you can also join a social group so that you can easily participate in outdoor activities with them.

When you go for outdoor activities you don’t have to go to a venue that will make you spend much instead look for a cool place where you can play games, meet new friends and take part in outdoor activities at affordable price.

You shouldn’t stay indoor all through the week instead you should take some time out to meet and bond with other people.

Be energetic

When you are not energetic people will see you as a boring person but when you are energetic people will see you as an interesting and fun loving person.

Nobody wants to associate themselves to a boring people, so if you present yourself as someone who is boring, others might not want to associate with you.

In essence what I’m saying is that you should be energetic and one of the ways you can achieve that is by doing exercise regularly as it will help you stay energized throughout the day.

Say more than hi

It is good you say hi to someone but it is not enough for you to socialize with others. After greeting people hi you can ask them questions like how are they doing or how their day has been. This will make the person open up and talk to you.

You can also start up a conversation by discussing about the things your friends like or what you like. Just talk about something interesting and you feel comfortable about.

Always dress appropriately

For you to be more sociable you need to always dress nice because when you dress nice you automatically attract people to yourself even without talking with them.

When you go out and see two persons, one is dressing fine and the other not dressing fine, you will notice that you feel more comfortable around the one that dressed nice because naturally you attracted people who are like you.

You should always endeavor to dress well because when you do so others will feel comfortable around you and will want to talk to you. 

Talk and act with confidence

When you talk and act with confidence it also helps you to socialize better because most people like someone who is bold and can take decision.

Don’t be the type of person that is indecisive or someone that doesn’t stand for anything. Let people know what you stand for and be bold about it.

The wind-up

I understand that you might not like talking or meeting people because some people are naturally like that and it is not bad if you feel like that but we were also created to be a social being.

Communicating with others also help us achieve our goals fast, so if you are not socializing then it’s to your own disadvantage. My advice is that you even if you don’t like relating with people you can just do it for the sake of what you want to achieve. I know that might sound weird but just take my advice and you won’t regret it

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