How To Work With A Team And Achieve Fast Result!

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A team is a group of people working on same activities in order to achieve the same goals.

So that means if a group of people come together but they don’t work on achieving same goals then you cannot call them a team.

You can actually be part of a team when it was created. For instance, when a company is about to start, a new team is created. Let’s say you were called upon to join the company when it was starting, that means you are join a new team.

You can also join an existing team, let’s say a company has started for some years and you are called upon to join the company some years later, that means you are joining an existing team.

You can also be a team member or you can be a team lead.  But all the same the team lead is also a member of the team, just that he is responsible for most of the decision making that the team makes.

I will be showing you some tips to work with any team effectively

Tips to work with a team effectively.

Have a common goal

The first thing every team should work towards is a common goal. The goal of the team should be known by all the team members.

The goal of the team should be well understood and clear to all team members. It is very possible to have team members that do not know the goals of the team.

This can happen if the goals were not communicated to all team members or team consist of wrong members who do not share the same ideology with the team.

Share the tasks

In a team one person should not take all the burden even if he is capable. This happens sometimes when the team lead takes all the burden by doing all the major works or a team member takes all the burden by doing all the major works.

The proper thing to do is to share task among team members. When you do this, it makes you achieve your goals faster.

Work to help the team

The mindset every team member should have is that they are helping the team succeed. That means when the team succeed, they also succeed

Hold meetings regularly

One of the issues why most teams do not perform is because they don’t hold meetings regularly.

When team members hold meeting regularly it allows them know if their strategy is working or if they need to strategize.

Report should be given by all team members

Report should also be given by all team members as this will enable each team members access themselves.

There’s a way making report makes people know if they are working or not. Imagine when reporting and other team members are hitting their target but you are not hitting your own target, then you will know that you need to do more work.

Training should be available for all team members

One of the important thing every success team needs is constant training. Everyone in the team needs to keep learning, the moment team members stops learning, there’s bound to depreciation.

Training has been made easy these days as training can be done online unlike before where training was offline and team members might have to travel a long distance to get trained.

All team members should benefit from success of the team

One of the ways to carry all team members along is by sharing the benefits of the team with all team members. If the team made extra profit, each member should be able to get bonus based on their own level of contribution.

I have seen teams whereby only the team leads benefits from the profit of the team and when you look at such teams critically you will find out that their team lead does not contribute anything to the team rather than give instructions.

Each team members should work on their area of strength

The team lead of a team should study each team member and allow them work from heir area of strength rather than weakness.

Everyone in a team cannot possess the same talent, they will all have different talent and abilities.

The team also has different units for it to function properly, so the proper thing to do is to put the round peg in round holes and also put the square pegs in square holes. Let every team member work from their area of strength.

Team bonding should be done from tint to time.

Team members should also have time when they hangout to have fun. This is a period where business is not discussed, it is just all about fun and it helps the team members to build closer relationship between themselves.

The time for bonding also helps the team members to relax.  The bonding can be done once or twice a year.


On a final note, I will just say that we can achieve more as a team but if the team is not United in purpose then a focused individual might just be better off.

Having a team is not just about group people together, it has to do with those group of people being able together to achieve goals. The group of people should be an asset and not a liability.

When you have a group that’s a liability then you should know that it is a serious problem. It is better to have an individual who is a liability than to have several people who are liabilities.

It is a good to have an individual who is an asset but it is best when you have several individuals who are assets.

So think carefully when working with or creating a team, make sure you do it the right way so as to get an effective result.

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