How To Take Effective Break When Working

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There are some time that when you are working, you just get tired or bored and at this point you might need to take a break because when you take a break, it gives you a stronger comeback.

I will be discussing about different ways you can have rest while working

Listen to music

Music is a pleasant sound to your ear that you enjoy listening to. There are also different types of music and for different purposes.

Some songs are meant to excite you, some are meant to motivate you, while some are meant to make you feel relaxed.

So, like I said music or songs can have different effect on us and one of the best ways to take a break when at work is by listen to music especially the ones that makes you feel relaxed.

Whenever you take a short break, you can quickly utilize to listen to songs that can motivate you or make you feel relaxed.

Take a walk

Walking is one of the easiest exercises that you can do as it does not require any equipment and all you need to do is move your legs.

Walking also helps you curb that desire to sleep during work. It’s normal to feel sleepy at work especially when you have worked for several hours without having a break.

Still, when you take your break after working for long, you might still feel sleepy but when you take a walk and it will help keep your body alert.

Make sure you walk when you at at work. It isn’t a good idea to sit for several hours while working as it can lead to sickness. In order to stay healthy at work, you need to walk

Look out the window

Sometimes all you need to do to lighten up your mood is to look outside your window. When you that you will see what’s happening in your environment.

You see people moving, cars moving and your beautiful surroundings. Sometimes that might be all you need to keep your mind in shape.

When you use your computer system for a long period, you will notice that you might start getting bored and even sleep off. It’s in a moment like this you need to look out the window to see what’s going on around you. Doing this will help you observe break from work.

Discuss with your colleagues

Another way you can observe a break is by intentionally discussing with your colleagues at work. You can discuss about any interesting topic.

You shouldn’t also get carried away with your discussion or talking because it can get so interesting and it makes to you lose track of time.

You should also avoid argument in work place or discussions that makes you shout or raise your voice.

A short and interesting talk can give you the break you need.

Play puzzle games

This is one of my favourites. Playing puzzle games helps to recreate your mind because it makes you think

You can play these games on your computer system or even on your phone. So, you can see that it is something that can be easily accessed.

The only thing is playing such games can be addictive, so you need to be able to balance between work and playing puzzle games. But playing such is an effective way to take some time off because it tasks your brain in a pleasant way.

Go get food to eat

Another way you can get a short break is by eating and when I say eating, I don’t mean eating a lot of food.

You can just take snacks or any other light food, this will help you relax and also remain active when you start your work.

But when you overfeed there’s every tendency that you will sleep as you are working so you should try to avoid that.

Read an article

I think I do this more often because, it is so convenient for me. Whenever I’m working, it’s always easy to get articles to read on your system or your phone. In short, they are too many articles you can read.

But sometimes you might get carried away by some really interesting articles. So, if you want to use this method then, try to be very disciplined.


The bottom line is that it is good to take break when you are working because when you take a break and continue your work later, it makes you faster, more efficient and more effective.

If you don’t take a break you will just keep going on without achieving much and that really like wasting your time.

So always learn to take break sometimes when you are work so as to renew your strength. Please try it and I’m sure you will notice increase in productivity.

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