Habits I’ve Noticed Common To Successful People

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I’m going to start this post by asking you a question and just take you time to answer the question. The question can be found below.

What Does Success Means To You?

Success means a lot things to a lot of people, in order to make it simple, I will just say success means prospering in different areas(spiritual, physical, finance, education, business, relationship, socially, career) of your life.

That’s my simple definition of success and I hope you get the concept.

Success isn’t just about succeeding in one area of your life, it means succeeding in every area of life and that’s the concept I want you to have about success.

Don’t get carried away believing prospering in finance is better than prospering physical (health). In short, your health is more important. True success comes when you can find the balance in you life.

Why should you take being successful serious

If you were not serious about being successful before now, I’m going to be showing you some reasons why being successful is something you should really consider.

To motivate others

One of the reasons why should consider working at being successful in life is that because when you are successful, you will motivate others around you that they can also do it.

You might not know that people are watching you but the truth is people are actually watching you. So, make your life motivate them believing they can also become successful.

To help others

Have you ever being in a situation whereby you feel like helping someone but you couldn’t help because you lacked the capacity to help.

This happens sometimes, for instance you see someone sick and the person needs a million to be treated but the funds

To live a fulfilled life

When you were young, you had a lot of dreams like building houses, getting married, having children, traveling to other countries for vacation etc.

To achieve those dreams, you need to have success in every area of your life (spiritual, physical, finance, relationship etc).

If you want to live your life to the fullest then you just have to pursue success.

To satisfy your family

As an individual, you will always have family members, this might be your father, mother, siblings, wife, children and other extended relations.

In order for you to be a value add to them, you first of all need to successful and then you will be able to perform your duty properly as a family member.

To be a value add to your nation

Being a successful person also makes you a value-add to your nation. A good nation is made up of people with good character, successful businesses, successful families, good health and other related areas.

Some Good Habits You Should Develop

Now it’s time for me to unleash the common habits I’ve noticed in most successful people. You will be shocked that you know some of them but this post will be serving as a refresher.

It’s not just enough for you to know some things, you also need to understand how they work and you should also do it.

The reason I’m written some of these habits down is for you to understand how work and for you to also imbibe them.

So let’s get started.

They wake up early

I’ve noticed that people who wake up early most times tend to be more successful than people who sleep all day long. Well, that’s from my observation.

People that wake up early are able to use their early morning hours for productive activities.  The early morning of the day determines how your day will turn out to be.

So that means if you spend the early hours of your day sleeping, your day might end up being sleepy.

At the same time, it’s not everyone that wakes up early that uses their use their early hours for productive activities.

They plan

Over the years, I’ve noticed that successful people always have a plan and they don’t mind including you in their plan and they don’t like being included in other people’s plan also.

You will notice that people who make plans become leaders and CEOs of company while people who don’t make plans keep working for people who have the master plan.

So, you should also cultivate the habit of always planning your day because when you don’t plan your day, others will include you in their own plan.

They take prompt action

One of the traits you see in people that are not successful is that they procrastinate a lot. They don’t do what they are meant to do on time.

But when you see successful people, you will notice that they always take action when required. When you take action at the right time, you give room for more opportunities and that’s how you can keep achieving success in life.

When you procrastinate, you lose more opportunities. You might not notice it immediately but that’s what is happening.

They learn from their mistakes

On one hand Wise people always learn from their mistakes which help them to become successful in life.

On the other hand foolish people don’t learn from their mistakes, they blame others, they complain or even shy away from the truth but at the end of it all, they fail.

The point is that it is normal to make a mistake but it is not normal to keep making that mistake every time.

You need to learn and grow past your mistakes.

They are willing to learn new things

It’s not making mistakes that matters, it’s how you handle the mistakes that matters.

If you make a mistake and you don’t learn from it, you will keep making that mistake but when you make a mistake and you learn from it, you would have learnt something new.

Successful people are not always scared of making mistakes because they see it as a learning process. A lot of people have not been able to make a lot of moves because that are scared of making mistakes.

Don’t be scared of making mistakes, see it as a learning process and make those moves. You might just be successful at it.

They love challenges

Generally, lazy People and those with average minds do not live challenges.  They see challenge as something that will take away their comfort and therefore are not willing to face challenges. They just prefer to be in their comfort zone, enjoying their lives the way they’ve been used to it.

But when you at successful people, they love taking on new challenges because they know it serves as a stepping stone to their dreams.

If you truly want to be successful in life, you need to be willing to face new challenges.

They have a positive mindset

One thing I’ve noticed about every successful people is that they have a positive mindset, they believe all situations can work in their favour.

You rarely see people with negative mindset succeeding because the state of your mind determines how successful you would be.

What you feed your mind with and the things you think about have major parts to play when it comes to how successful you would be.

They are good time managers

For me time management is an important factor to become successful because if you can’t manage your time, you might most likely not be able to manage you finances also and that’s going to make it hard for you to succeed.

My advice is that you learn how to manage you time effectively and see how it going to affect your life positively. You can do a crash course on time management, experiment it and see how it affects your life. There are many crash courses online, you can just Google time management free courses and you will get a lot of course you can study and practice.

They are focused

Focus is the key, when you loose focus, you loose time and you also lose money.

You need to consciously cultivate the habit of focusing on important things. When you can focus on important things to get them done, then success is just around the corner.

The thing is naturally humans are not wired to be focused and that’s why we lose our concentration easily but successful people have consciously built that habit of focusing on the important things, their goals, their plans and their dreams.

If you also want to succeed in life, you need to develop the habit of focusing on important things. Go try it for 7 days and I’m sure you will come to thank me later.

They love mentor others

Successful people want others to also succeed because they understand the principle that the sky is big enough to accommodate all the stars.

The good thing is that in the process of teaching someone else, you would also be learning new things also, which will make you a master in your field.

So, if you are successful in your field already, you can take the next step and get someone to mentor and in the process, you will also get more knowledge.


The bottom line is that success is a habit you develop overtime; you don’t just get it in a day.

It’s just like those in athletes, the main work is done behind the scenes, they practice and build capacity for months before coming out to run the race.

The winner of the race will win because of the capacity he has developed during practice and also his attitude on the track. But if he has not developed the needed capacity, his attitude on the track will take him nowhere.

So, for you to be successful, you need to develop capacity and also have the right attitude towards succeeding.

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