When It’s Time To Start All Over Again

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Hey, are you lost and don not know what to do again? Well this might be the best time to start all over again to achieve the desired result you want.

Sometimes you just feel rigid and you don’t want to embrace change. If you do something in a particular way and you don’t get results, if you continue doing the same thing, you will likely not get the desired results you need. So the best option is that you change strategy which might means starting all over again.

I also feel rigid too sometimes and I don’t feel like embracing change but I’ve learnt over time that I need to be a result oriented person and that means I need to embrace change even if it means starting all over again.

First, we will be some reasons why we might need to start all over again.

When you’ve started wrongly

You would’ve started some projects in the past wrongly simply because you didn’t have the right knowledge of how to start or you didn’t have someone to mentor you and lead you in the right direction.

You might be wondering how this relates to real issues and I will be showing you some examples to make you understand.

Let’s say you started a blog and you were not really sure of the niche to go into, so you picked the dog niche and you named your blog lovemydog.com and your blog didn’t grow because you didn’t have enough knowledge about the dog niche.

After sometime you later found out that you have more passion for writing about finance & business tips and you would be successful if you start a blog in that niche.

In a situation like this the best thing you need to do is start all over again instead of trying to modify the first blog you started to fit into the finance and business niche.

This also applies to other areas of life; you might need to start all over again so that you don’t keep investing your time and resources in a project that has little chance to succeed.

When the process is already corrupt

Sometimes when you’ve used your phone over a period of time, you notice there’s virus on the phone and you try to remove it using anti-virus but sometimes that won’t work and the solution might just be to do a hard reset on your phone.

Life happens like that sometimes also, you’ve started something and you notice that things are getting messed up already, like partnering with wrong people to do business, investing in a wrong business or creating a product that’s not needed in the market.

In situations like this the best option is to get started all over again instead of trying to make things work when it might just get worst.

When there’s being series of failure without any sign of success

If you’ve been doing something for years like doing a particular type of business and it you are not succeeding in it then it’s best you move on to other things because if you still continue doing that same thing, there a high chance that you will still keep getting same old result you’ve been getting.

My advice is that you should not be too rigid about life. Don’t feel pressured to do something because you feel that’s what people expect you do or you feel that’s what you ought to do.

It’s actually not a bad idea if you do what people expect you to do and it’s yielding result but it’s a bad idea when you do what people want you to do and it’s not yielding any result. The way forward is to change and start again


One of the secret of successful people is that they are not scared to get started again.

It’s not always easy to make a decision to start all over again but sometimes that might just be the way out of your current situation.

So my advice to you is that when you sense that you need to start again because you’ve made mistake or for some other reasons, analyze the mistakes you’ve made in the past and come up with a strategy to win as you intend to start all over again.

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