15 Powerful Tips on how to Overcome Failure

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Never a failure

Well, the truth is that we all fail at a point in our lives maybe the first time you did something but really I don’t think I’ve heard the story of any successful person that has never failed before but if you have seen anyone that’s successful and has never failed before, let me know because I would like to meet that person.

The thing is it is one thing to fail and it is another to be a failure. When you fail it means you didn’t achieve your goal but you can still achieve it if you try later. But when you are a failure it means you’ve given up on life and failure is your second nature already.

The good news is nobody was born to be a failure, we were all born to be successful but in the path of success lies obstacles you need to overcome and I can assure that you have what it takes to overcome those obstacles. Today I will be showing you tips on how you can overcome obstacles you will be facing in life.

Do something

 A lot of people never try doing anything at all, which might be due to many reasons. Some people don’t do anything because they feel they are not perfect at it but that is a wrong mentality because you only get perfect at something when you start doing it.

Some people don’t do anything because of the fear of failure, well let me tell everyone has failed before so it isn’t a big deal, you are not the first and you won’t be the last person to fail but you need to learn from your experience and come back stronger.

We also have some people that don’t do anything because they want to start big, life doesn’t always work like that, sometimes you need to start small before your project gets big.

Use your brain

Most people were trained to copy others and I’m not saying this is not good but it has its side effect.  This is known as the copy and paste strategy where you just do the exact thing someone has done already.

Think outside the box

These days you even see people going as far as doing surgery to look like a superstar; they try to walk like them and even try to talk like them.

In my opinion it isn’t bad to copy but if you want to copy someone, why don’t you make it better by modify what did person did.

But that aside the best option is learning from other people and doing it in your own original way and by doing so, you would be a creator of something new.

Always try again when you fail

Like I said earlier, it is not a big deal to fail. It only becomes a big deal to fail when you do not try again.

I know how it feels when you fail because it has happened to me before. You feel like the ground wants to swallow you, you feel like disappearing for a long while or you just feel like turning back the hands of time. These feelings might come but don’t allow them put you down.

When trying again, do not try foolishly and when I say that I mean you should have learnt from your mistake in the past and that should help you achieve your success faster.

Set goals for yourself


Goals are results you intend to achieve in life and it can be in different aspect of life. A lot of people live their lives without setting goals, they just wake up in the morning rush do work, do their work rush back home to sleep and this is their daily routine yearly.  This happens because they don’t have any goal  they set for themselves, they only being programmed to help others achieve their goals.

If you don’t want to be a failure in life, you should regularly set goals for yourself and after achieving those goals, set more goals for yourself and in short keep setting more goals for yourself as you keep achieving more.

Be disciplined

I know that feeling when you’ve made up your mind to read 2 books in a month and then you start but before the end of the month you get tired and you and not able to finish any book.

The only way to overcome situations like this is by being disciplined. I know you will always have busy days but if you can be more disciplined, you will be able to achieve more result.

Being disciplined might mean you cutting out some unnecessary activities and replacing it with important ones that can help your life.

If possible set specific time for doing those important activities and during that period, make sure that’s all you are focused on, by doing so you will be able to achieve more within your limited time.

Always do your best

The difference between success and failure is usually slim. When you put in your best, you are more likely to success than when you put in a half-baked effort.

You should do you best all the time because success comes as a result of different activities and not just one activity. It’s just like in the football leagues; you need to win most of your matches before you can win the league. Some teams only win big the matches while they loss to the small teams and with that type of result, they can’t win the league.

The point is a team that puts its best in every match has a higher chance of winning the league than a team that only focuses on winning the big games.  You also as an individual should put your best in all your activities because it gives you a better chance to succeed.

Exercise your body


If it is possible, you can try doing exercise in the morning before leaving for work or starting your business because it makes you alert and gives you the strength not to give up.

I’ve noticed over time that when I exercise in the morning before going about my daily activity, I have the strength to carry out my task easily, like I just do things effortlessly.

But for the days I don’t exercise, I notice I get stressed up easily by little task and I also get tried easily.

I’m not saying you should do a strenuous exercise, a light exercise should do. You could do a bit of press-ups, sit-ups, , walking and other mild exercises and as you do this you would be surprised that you wouldn’t getting tired or stressed out easily.

I understand that most people say they don’t have enough time in the morning to exercise, you can just do your exercise within 10 minutes to 20 minutes and that will be enough to carry you for the day.

Take a nap when needed


You should rest after working or when you are tired. If you keep working without resting, your productivity will definitely reduce.

The basic things are that you should sleep daily, rest during your weekends and take some weeks out during the year to relax. You can also take a break while working as this will allow you re-energize and continue your work stronger.

The point is you should rest only after you’ve worked. You can’t rest all day or throughout the year and expect to achieve success. So that means you need to work and after working, you need to rest.

Be humble

If you want to be successful in life, you need to be real. You shouldn’t follow the fake it before you make it mentality.

When I say be humble, I mean be modest and don’t spend more than you earn. This is something that has crashed a lot of people with great potential.

You should also live your life to serve others, look for things you can help people do and get paid for it. This is a win-win situation, you help them solve their problem and they pay you in return.

Take care of your health


There is this popular saying that health is wealth. If you ask me I’m going to tell you it’s the truth. What’s the essence of having money and you can’t enjoy it, you can’t eat the food you want to eat, you can’t travel round the world or you keep having pain in your body.

I see people working from morning till night without eating any food, working all in context of being a workaholic or you see people eating only junks and they become obese.

It isn’t wise to make money at the expense of your health because how are you going to enjoy the money you make if you have serious health issues.

Do not put all your eggs in a basket


You should try to have different investment especially if you are working for someone else. Do follow the idea of leaving your job to start a business. Some motivational speakers would tell you to sack your boss and start a business but that’s wrong.

The wise thing to do is to start a business while still working at least you know that if business doesn’t work, you can still continue doing your job.

And if you are into business already, you can still invest in other businesses as you do not know which business will be more profitable in future.

Do not worry about anything

If you want to succeed in life, you need to be able to learn from your failures, forget the pains and move on.

When you start thinking about your failure for so long, it can lead to depression, high blood pressure and other health issues.

Why should you worry when you can start all over again and succeed? The good thing is that success you get after failure gives you more satisfaction and joy. So if you’ve failed in the past it’s time for you to get up and try again.

Have a plan for your life


You should have a short term plan and a long term plan for your life because when you do this it helps you focus on doing the important things in life.

Having a plan is like having a map to your destination. When you have a map leading to your destination, it makes your journey faster and less stressful. When you have a plan for your life, it makes your life less stressful and easier.

You should try to write your plans out and review it from time to time because there might be need for some changes based on what’s happening around you.

Make report about your activities

Making a report on what you’ve done helps you measure how well you’ve achieved your goals. You should review your activities yearly, monthly, weekly and daily because by doing so, you will be able to see the mistakes you’ve made and you can easily correct them.

Let’s even say you made a report for the year and you achieved all your goals, that’s a signal that you need to set new and bigger goal for yourself.

Never give up

I know some people don’t belong to the group of those who  do nothing, they’ve actually done something but maybe it’s not yielding positive result yet. This happens a lot of time and it happens to a lot of people.

The easiest thing to do in a situation like this is to give up while the hardest thing to do is to keep doing what you’ve been doing.

My advice is that you take the hardest option which is to keep doing what you’ve been doing because at the end you will definitely get a good reward for it but if you take the easiest option which is to chicken out, you just might not get any reward.


The most important thing you need to do to be successful is to start doing something now. Do not wait for the perfect time to come before you start making your moves instead you should create the perfect time for yourself.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to do but you need to try and give it your best shot and by doing so, your success is guaranteed.

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