How To Develop The Habit Of Meditation

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When you develop the habit of meditating, it will give you the ability to see the world from different perspectives and not just from one perspective.

It is actually good to see the world from different point of views because it will help you to easily understand the world and the people around you.

So, how do you develop the habit of meditating?

I will be showing you some tips on how you can develop the habit of meditating.

Decide your daily meditation time

If you want to make meditation a habit, you need to pick a time during the day that is convenient for you which you can use for your meditation.

For instance you can pick 6pm in the evening and when you do that you should stick to that time at all cost and when you do so, it will turn to a habit.

Determine the duration of time for meditation

You can decide you want to meditate for 30 minutes a day or 1 hour a day but it is all left for you to decide.

I think it is better you start small and increase the duration with time. What I mean is that you can start with 20 minutes, then later on to 45 minutes and you can move to 1 hour a day.

You should read on different topics

There’s this philosophy that you should learn a little about everything but learn everything about something.

You should have the attitude of learning about different subjects even if it’s not in full you can learn the basics.

You should also pick a subject to learn fully so that you can be a master at it.

When you do both learning you will be able to balance your learning and learn a lot of new things.

It is not always good when your learning is one-sided, you should expand your knowledge on several subjects as this will help you have more understanding of things.

Jot important points and ideas down

When you read and you don’t jot, you tend to forget the things you’ve read but when you read and jot the important points down, you are more likely to remember those points and you can easily make a reference to them in case you forget.

When you are jotting down, you should only jot the important points and not all that’s in the book you are reading because if you jot all that’s the book you are rewriting, you’ve give yourself a job of rewriting.

Checkup words in dictionary

Reading gives you the opportunity to learn new words. So should take the advantage to learn new words.

You shouldn’t stop at just learning new words, you should also learn their meaning and how it can be applied.

Summarize what you’ve read

Summarizing what you’ve read is important because it will give you more understanding about the subject and also help you remember what you’ve read.

When summarizing what you’ve read you should try to put it in your own words as much as you can. The art of summarizing is something that you should learn.

Think about what you’ve read

Take you time to think about what you’ve read because this will give you more understanding of the topic and you will see the topic from a new perspective.

 When you don’t think about what you’ve read, you might just have the knowledge and not have a deep understanding of what you’ve read.


Practice these tips you’ve read and it will help you develop that habit of meditating but if you only read and do not practice what you read the you will not be getting any result.

You can also travel out to a cool location just for the sole purpose of meditating.

You can also discuss this topic with your friends and family as this will also help you come up with more strategies to develop this habit.

You can also share this post with your friends and family if you have found it useful.

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