How To Market Your Business Online In Nigeria (TOP SECRET!)

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Two key ingredients that are important for a successful business is good product and good marketing.

Good marketing involves doing both offline and online marketing. So, I will be showing you how to do effective online marketing in this post.

I know most digital marketing expert will not like this post because it will be revealing some of their secrets but anyway I will be sharing some of those secret of online marketing with you.

Online retail platform

You can promote your product online by listing it on online retail stores.

The popular online retail stores we have in Nigeria are Jumia, Konga and jiji.

Some of these stores have minimum products you can offer if you want to sell your product on their platform. In short they all these online retail stores have their terms and conditions.

All you need to do is upload your product, they list your product on their store and people will begin to see your product which will lead to sales.

Facebook ads

You can also promote your business on Facebook and it is very effective but you also need to follow their terms and conditions because if you go against it, your account just be banned.

Facebook allows you to use videos, animation, images, slides and text for your ads.

You should try different combinations to see the one that works for you and you can then stick to it.

Instagram ads

You can decide to do Instagram ads only and the different types of placement we have are newsfeed and story.

You can also do both Instagram and Facebook ads together. Both platforms have several tool that can help your online marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

The 2 popular search engine site we have in Nigeria are Google and Bing.

These two allows customers to advertise on their search engine and the way it works is that you come up at the top of a page when users are searching for keywords.

The reason you are appearing at the top of the page is because you’ve paid for ads with the search engine company.

Most people use Google ads and I think it works fine. You can decide to use both Google ads and Bing ads or you can just use Google ads only


You can also do SEO marketing which is almost similar to the search engine marketing.

In this case you will appear for keyword search based on how relevant your site is to the keyword and not because you paid for ads.

SEO also takes more time when compared to search engine marketing because you need to.

SEO has to do with popularity and credibility of your website (how other site are linking to you), this will help the search engines determine how relevant your website is.

Sponsored ads on Blogs and forums

You can also promote your business online by doing sponsored ads on popular blogs and forum for example and

Both sites are have huge numbers of visitors a day and by placing your ads on sites like this you will be able to reach a lot of people.

When doing sponsored ads on blogs or forums you should try and get their details because it wouldn’t make sense of you invest your money in a blog or forum with low traffic.


Blogging is something every business should try, if you are not blogging yet then you are missing something.

A blog portrays you as an authority in your field and it will attract customers to you. It will give you that leverage of becoming a consultant to your audience.

When you use blogging as an online marketing strategy it also takes time before it can start getting effective and getting you the results that you need.

A blog can be used to share your own opinion about issues and that is why it is so cool because you don’t have to post on topics based on everyone’s opinion, you can actually come up with your opinion about a topic and share it with your audience.

When you use blogging as a marketing strategy then you should try to post on your blog regularly because the mistake a lot of people make is that they publish a post and wait for another 3 months before the publish another post again.


You can also use twitter to promote your business online but it is more of text ads rather than image or video ads.

Twitter also works for businesses as well because tweets also get indexed on Google, so that means if you have a trending tweet you, it can appear on Google.

Twitter also allows to promote your account and your tweets, so it is also a good platform to promote your business online.

Digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies are around and they can help you manage your online marketing relieving you of the stress of trying different online marketing strategy.

Digital marketing agencies can help you get the results you need because they have experience doing online marketing and they know what works and what doesn’t work and they can guide you to getting the right result.

Don’t just choose any marketing agency to help you promote your business, you should make sure they have the interest of your business at heart and are willing to help your business grow.

Well, if you want me to recommend one a company that can help you with your online marketing, which would be Syntax Technology because they’ve been working with us for our online marketing.


Marketing is the heartbeat of every business, so for you to grow your business you need to advertise it.

The tips written in this post will really help you to get started but it is only those who read and practice what they read will be get the desired result.

You can also share this post with your family and friends if you have found this post useful.

Thank you!

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