Basic Personal Hygiene You Should Practice Everyday

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Personal hygiene is something some people do not take serious but it is an issue that can have negative impact on you. Body or mouth odour do not just start in a day, it is something that develops over a period of time because of the personal hygiene that you practice.

The reason why you need to practice personal hygiene is because it can solve issues you have that were caused by bad personal hygiene practices and it can also help prevent having such issues. So if you are having body odour or mouth odour, what you need to do is practice basic personal hygiene and it will be gone.

These are some of the basic personal hygiene you can practice so as to maintain your body and keep yourself clean.

Take your bath

This is something we all know and do but I will be taking it a step further by advising you to shower after doing exercises that might have caused you to sweat. You can also ensure you take your bath at morning and at night if you are a working class type.

Brush your teeth

It is important you brush your teeth daily so as to avoid mouth odour. You are likely to have mouth odour if you do not brush your teeth daily. My advice is that you brush your teeth twice a day or brush in the morning and anytime you eat a food with a strong smell.

You can also use mouth wash if you are the type that’s always on the road, which means you can brush once a day and use mouth wash later on during the day.

Use deodorant

The use of deodorant helps prevents having body odour, I understand that a deodorant might not smell nice like a perfume but it sure smells nice and help prevent body odour.

You can use a roll-on or body spray as deodorant, this will definitely work as it has been tested and found working.

Trim your nails

You might be tempted to leave your nails untrimmed or untreated because of the daily hustle but if you really look it will take you less than five minutes to trim your nails. You might think it’s not important but it can cost you good deals as some people cannot condone dealing with people that do no trim their nails.

Shave your face

Shaving your face should be something that should be done weekly especially your beards. Leaving your beards unshaved makes you look unkempt, so it’s something you should avoid at all cost. You can shave your head also depending on the type of hairstyle you keep.

Wash your clothes after use

I’m not a fan of people wearing their clothes more than once before washing, I believe  you should try as much as you can wash your clothes after wearing it once,  I know it’s not easy but it’s a habit you should try to cultivate.

Take care of your clothing

Taking care of your clothing means making your clothes look good and presentable. It is not enough for you to wash your clothes; you also need to iron them so that they can look smooth. Nobody takes someone wearing a rumpled cloth serious.

Wash your hands

You might be wondering why washing your hands is on the list but I can tell you that it is important because you can get yourselves and other infected with a dirty hand. A lot of people just buy snacks on the road and use their hands to eat not minding if their hands are dirty or not.

You might want to argue the fact that you can’t wash your hands with soap while on the road but you can use hand sanitizer instead as it kills the germs in your hands.

Wash your underwear

Some people feel comfortable wearing dirty underwear because nobody is seeing their underwear but what they don’t know is that they are only harming themselves as wearing dirty underwear can cause diseases.

Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing

Covering your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing is also important because it makes people feel more comfortable around you but when you don’t cover your nose and mouth when coughing you will only make people around you feel uncomfortable.

Keep a handkerchief with you always

It is important you always hold a handkerchief with you because you with need to clean your face when sweating. You can also use your handkerchief to clean your nose and also use it to blow mucus out of your nose.  You should make sure that you always keep a handkerchief with you especially when you are going out.

Use appropriate makeup

When I say use appropriate makeup, I’m not referring to ladies only. It is not a good for someone not to use basic makeup such as cream, hand cream and hair cream. It is not also good when you over use your make up, so my advice is that you use make up but use it appropriately.

As you begin to practice this basic hygiene, you will begin to appreciate yourself the more and also be at your best. Two things I want every individual to achieve is being the best they can be and being happy with themselves.

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