How to Improve Yourself Everyday (Must Read)

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What I really want to achieve by writing this post is to show you how to develop yourself in different areas of life and I want you to know that it is really possible.
There are several tips in the post that you can follow but you do not need to follow all because that might not be possible, I suggest you follow as many as you can and see how it will improve your life.

It doesn’t matter what level you are in life, you can always get a better life and that is what this post will help you do.

Develop yourself mentally

1. Read books

Reading books keeps you alert mentally as it makes your brain sharper. It makes you utilize your brain instead of leaving it dormant.

Reading might seem boring to most people but if you do it regularly you will find out that reading is actually interesting, If you find reading books boring maybe it’s time to try audio books as all you need to do is listen and not read.

There’s no limit to the amount of books that you can read in a month but you can try to read at least one book a month.

2. Meditate

When you think deep about matters or about things you’ve read, that act is known as meditation and it is very important because it helps you to understand what you’ve read and heard.
To meditate you need to be able to focus for some minutes or hours without distraction. Some people are not patient enough to reflect and think about things because some people are all about the action.

You need to develop the habit of meditating daily as this will help you understand a lot of things better. It is a skill you can develop if you don’t have it.
You can start by meditating for 5 minutes a day then, you can increase it 10 minutes a day and you can keep increasing it till you can do 1 hour of meditation a day.

3. Learn a new word everyday

Words are actually used for communication as they help you communicate with other people effectively. When you are good with words, you will be able to communicate with people easily.

Learning new words every day also develops your mental ability.
When learning a new word, you should also learn the meaning because it is when you know the meaning that you can make use of it.

4. Learn a new skill

As an individual you cannot have all the skills in the world but you can learn as many skills as you can while you are still living.

Learning new skills will take your time and might also make you spend money also but in the long run it is worth it.

Make learning new skills a priority because if you don’t prioritize it, you might not be able to learn a new skill.

5. Write regularly

Writing is the art of putting your thoughts down on paper. Writing helps you to express yourself better when you do it regularly.

You can write about any topic you feel comfortable with, you can write poems, you can write stories and you can also write blog posts. The whole essence of doing this is to be able to express your thought clearly.

Most people claim they don’t write because they don’t have the inspiration but the solution is that you should just write whether you feel like or not.

Make writing a habit because it will really help to develop your brain.

6. Learn the art of speaking in public

Public speaking has to do with your ability to speak to a group of people and not only that you also need to be able to arouse emotion and influence people with your speech.

Most people do not practice the art of public speaking because they feel it is not necessary but a day might come that you might be called upon to come and make a public speech.

You need to start practicing now with any opportunity you have and make sure you put in your best and as you do so you are going to get better.

7. Learn to be gentle

I’ve noticed that most successful people don’t talk too much, you will hardly see them gossiping or talking loosely. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t talk but what I mean is that you should be able to control your tongue by knowing the appropriate time to talk and also the appropriate time not to talk.

A lot of people are used to sharing and imposing their ideas on others without listening to them. You will hardly learn new things if you are the type that don’t listen to others. Anyone that does not listen to other cannot be teachable.

For you to improve yourself, you should be willing to listen to others and learn from them, you should also be willing to talk less and focus on activities that can improve you.

8. Set goals for yourself

People that do not set goals for themselves are actually heading nowhere because without goals you will always remain in same position.

Success is intentional and self-development is also intentional, if you do not have intention of improving yourself then nothing happens as you will just remain the same way you are.
The way to be intentional about things is by setting goals and working towards achieving those goals.

Develop yourself spiritually

9. Study the Bible

The bible is the word of God and it serves as spiritual food that can help develop your spirit. The truth is that we are spiritual beings in human body and for us to realize this we need to feed our spirit to make it grow.

You might not find it interesting when you are reading the Bible but it is important as t serves as food to your spirit. When you do not study the Bible, you are starving your spirit of the food that it needs.

10. Pray regularly

Prayer is simply communicating with God telling him what you want and also thanking Him for what He has done for you.

Most people find it hard to pray because they want to have a special time to pray, that’s a good idea but really you can pray at any time and the duration of your prayer is not what matters but how connected your spirit is when praying.

11. Practice what you read

A lot of people have nice ideas and you can sense when you discuss with them, but they do opposite of the things that they say.

I know people who read a lot of books and only talk about what they read in those books, but they never practice the things that they read.

When you read you should practice what you’ve read and let the words inspire you and help you make better decisions in life

12. Memorize the Bible

Memorizing the word of God means that you are able to recite it without reading it from a book. What this implies is that the word is your heart and it can easily draw inspirations and ideas from it when you need to.

You might not find it easy at first when you start memorizing the word of God but as you keep doing it with time you will get better at it.

13. Fellowship with others

The truth is that spiritual matters are personal, but we need to other spiritually sound people around you so that you can sharpen yourselves as iron sharpens iron.

For you to grow spiritually you need to maintain relationship with people who have the same spiritual value with you so that you can grow spiritually because if you maintain relationship with people with different spiritual values they will affect your spiritual life negatively.

14. Fasting

Fasting is a spiritual exercise which entails denying yourself of doing some activities such as eating of food and drinking of water.

It is not easy to fast but when you do so it will make your time slow and give you the ability to think clearly. When you fast, you also get to see life from different dimensions.

15. Gratitude

Showing gratitude is one of the ways you can develop yourself spiritually because when you are thankful for what you have, you will naturally get more. You can show you gratitude though prayer, praising and worshiping God.

Most times we get people get self-absorbed with activities they are doing and start complaining of the things that are going wrong but instead of complaining people should learn to always give thanks to God for the things that are going on well in their lives.

Develop yourself physically

16. Exercise every day

It is good that you exercise your body every day as this will keep you fit and also avoid stress and fatigue. You can decide to do easy exercises daily, such as push up, sit up, walking or jogging.

You can exercise your body for 10 to 30 minutes daily and as you do so you will get used to exercising regularly. Exercising your body helps you to handle pressure you might be faced with during the day’s activities.

17. Eat at the right time

Eating at the right time is important because it can help you avoid having obesity. When you eat all the time you easily get obese and that’s not good for you.

Sometimes you get faced with situations whereby you are not able to eat when you ought to because of your busy schedule but don’t make it a habit, try managing your time and ensuring that you eat at the right time.

18. Take your bath regularly

You need to wash your body daily to look good, you can also consider taking your bath in the morning and at night because during the day you might have gotten germs on your body through the things you’ve touched, so it’s just wise that the take your bath before going to bed.

19. Wear clothes that fit you

Your dressing actually matters as a lot because people will address the way you are dressed. Looking good all the time is something you should do consciously.

Some people just buy clothes without knowing the once that fits them but it shouldn’t be so instead you should know what fits you and that is what you should buy.

20. Drink water regularly

You should drink water whenever you feel thirsty as it is the best liquid you can take. Water does not have any side effect, it is just appropriate for your body system.

Soft drink with sugar in it might seem like a better option but the truth is that water is the best liquid you can drink. So, you should take water whenever you feel thirsty.

21. Rest when needed

Your body needs to rest else it won’t function optimally the way it is meant to. After working hard, you also need to get enough rest. You can sleep at night and also get a short nap during the day.

Do not relax for a whole day except you are having an annual leave, you should work and then rest after you’ve worked.

22. Get treatment whenever you are sick

Whenever you feel sick you should go visit a doctor instead of taking self-medication. Seeing a doctor is your best option because that’s what they have been trained to do but you might not want to visit a doctor if you are one yourself.

Self –medication could be dangerous and you should avoid it at all cost.

23. Get massage when needed

Sometime getting a massage could just be all you need to keep your body in shape. When your body is being massaged, you have this feeling of unlimited pleasure.

You need to take good care of your body so that your body can perform optimally all the time.

24. Use the right body cream for your body

It is good that you take care of your body and one of the ways you can take care of your body is by applying cream on it.

When you apply cream on your body it helps your body to glow and maintains your skin moisture. So, if you want to look good, you should apply cream on your skin regularly.

25. Use deodorant

Using deodorant is something that you should do every day as it helps you not to have body odour. You can make use of body spray or perfumes.
It’s a normal thing to sweat during the day but if you do not take care of yourself that sweating can lead to body odour and that is why you need to use deodorant regularly.

26. Do medical checkup regularly

Doing a medical checkup means that you visit a doctor just to check and test your body system so as just to be sure that nothing is wrong with your body.
Some people do not like visiting the hospital because they believe it will make them sick but I don’t believe that is true, I just think it’s wrong mind set.

27. Use nutritional supplement

Supplements are drugs that provide nutrients to the body and it is used to make up for lack of nutrients in your daily diet.

Some time that food you eat might not have all the essential nutrients that your body needs and in such a case like that the best option is that you take supplements that can supply all those nutrients to your body.

28. Shave your face regularly

Shaving your face is something that you can do weekly, this applies mostly to men and it is also advisable that you own shaving clipper. It might also interest you to know that some women also grow beards; a woman with this type of body system should shave regularly so that it is not obvious.

Develop yourself emotionally

29. Meet new friends regularly

When you go out you will definitely meet people but do not just stop at greeting them instead you should get to know them. You can do that by asking for their name and their philosophy about life.

The friends we have can influence us positively or negatively, so we should be careful when making friends. You should make friends with people that can add value to you.

30. Listen to others

Listening to others is not a habit that most people have naturally and if you do not have it, you need to try to develop it. You need to be able to hear people out and understand their point of view and making sure you don’t jump into illogical conclusions.

Most people love to air their opinion while most people do not want to listen to others but the truth is that if you don’t listen to others you will not be able to learn new things.

31. Take time out to have fun

All work and no play make jack a dull buy. Well, that’s true because if you keep working without having fun then you get so bored that you might not enjoy your work again but when you take time out to have fun once in a while then you begin to enjoy your work and get more encouraged.

Life should not be all about fun because when you live just for the pleasure and fun you will not achieve much in life.

32. Seek support when you feel down

You should always have people you can confide in, they may be you’re your friend or family member. The reason you need them is that there are times whereby you might be down and you need someone who can listen to you and encourage you.

It is not everyone that you can confide in as some people will make the matter seems worst, when you know people like that you should avoid them. You should seek support from people who you know can encourage you.

33. Do not worry

When you are worried you will feel comfortable about it but in the end it does not give you a solution to your problem, so why should you even worry about anything?

Worrying for too long can also lead to depression, sickness and suicide.

When you have problem the easiest thing to do is to worry, in short that seems like the normal thing to do but you should change that by seeking for solution instead of worrying.

When you seek for solution to your problem, you will get inspired to act buy when you worry about your problem it might lead to depression.

34. Love others

When you love others it will help you to stay emotionally stable but when you hate others, your actions towards will be wicked because your actions are inspired by hatred and one of the evidence of love is by giving.

I know most people expect others to love them first but you shouldn’t fall into this category as you should learn to love others first. Take it upon yourself to greet people first, give gifts and show love to people around you.

35. Forgive others

You shouldn’t hold grudges against others; you should learn to forgive others when they hurt you. You should know that people around you will definitely offend you but you should be able to forgive them and maintain a good relationship with them.

I know it might be hard to forgive people when they wrong you but just overlook what they’ve done and you will see that you’ll get better.

Forgiving people doesn’t mean you can’t give them limit as you can actually caution those who hurt you and draw boundaries in your relationship with them to avoid future occurrences.

36. Control your anger

It is normal that you get angry once in a while but do not let your anger lead you to do the wrong things and also try to act immediately once you are angry.

When you are angry it is always better you stay calm and not act in that instant as your actions will be inspired by your anger at that moment. When you stay calm and respond later you will be able to think clearly and respond appropriately.

37. Avoid mood swings

Extreme mood swing is bad because it will definitely affect your relationship with some people. Some people can stand someone who is happy in one moment and the cold the next moment.

Always stay around people that make you happy and do things that make you happy and you will find out that your mood swing will reduce because what causes mood swing most times is being around people we don’t like or doing something we do not like.

38. Respect others

One thing you owe everyone is respect, when you respect other they in turn will also respect you. You should know that respect is reciprocal.

You should respect others, and they also in turn will respect you. Do not look down on anybody or disrespect anyone because you might need their help in the future.

39. Listen to music

Music is good for relaxing as it has melodious sounds that inspires and relaxes to the soul. Music is usually used by most people to reduce stress.

Listening to music shouldn’t be something that you do throughout the day as it may serve as a time waster if you get indulged in it.

Basically one of the reasons you need to listen to music is so that it can ease off your stress.

40. Let this post inspire you

It is good that you read this post but it is also great when you allow this post inspire you by taking actions based on what you’ve read and if you’ve found this post help you can share with your friends and family.

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