Basic Self Development Skills You Need to Learn in Nigeria

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There are some basic skills you need to learn in Nigeria because when you have these skills they can help you live a successful daily life.

Skill is having the ability to do something well. Which means if you can do the things we are going to be discussing below, you will definitely find it easy to succeed in Nigeria.

Some basic skills you need to learn are discussed below.

Driving skill

I know a lot of people think driving just has to do with moving a car but there’s actually more to it as you need to be able to follow road signs and also do few necessary maintenance on the car. You should be able to at least change your car battery, change your car tires and even check the engine.

Everybody wants to own a car and I believe that if you own a car you should also be able to drive it. Some people might argue this by saying that they can get a driver, yes that’s true but what if your driver isn’t around or your driver is feeling sick then you should be able to drive yourself.

I’m not saying it is not good to have someone who drives you but you should also learn how to drive for emergency sake.

Driving is also a requirement for some jobs these days because it is one of those skills that can make you do your work more efficiently.

Computer skill

You should all try to improve your computer skills on a daily basis. I’m not saying you should learn everything about the computer but you should at least learn the basics.

You can learn how to use the desktop, how to type, how to use MS Office and how to use Adobe Photoshop but you don’t need to go as far as learning animation, programming or web development.

Most organizations these days have a computer system and if you work for them, you are expected to use the computer system to do your work, so imagine what happens if you can’t use the computer, you are going to seem weird.

Online & offline marketing skills

One skill I believe everyone should have, is a marketing skill but in addition to that, you can also learn online marketing. Anyone that has both offline and online marketing skills is like someone who can drive a car and also fly a plane.

One of the reasons why you need to have marketing skill is so as to be able to convince people easily, no man is an island and you will always need people to help you with some things.

Marketing skills can also help you sell your ideas to other people. Let’s say you have a business idea and you don’t have enough money to start the business. With a good marketing skill, you can meet with people, sell your idea to then and they will fund your business.

Writing skill

When I say writing skill I don’t mean just writing on paper but I mean writing for entertainment or writing to pass on information.

Writing is one of those skills you need to learn because you can think clearly and express yourself clearly when writing.

Your writing skill can help you write books and you would have noticed lately that some big politicians that are out of office now write books too explaining what happened during their period in office. This helps them pass on information to other people.

Another thing a writing skill can do for you is to help you start a blog and blogs have really been of help to this generation because people have been able to learn a lot from bloggers sharing their experience in their different niches.

Relationship management skill

Relationship management skill has to do with your ability to get along with different type of people. I know some people that don’t just get along with anybody and they are not willing to change.

I know this is not something that comes naturally for some people but you need to learn and develop the skill. When you can manage people you will be able to influence them.

You should learn to get to a level whereby you can work with anybody, let’s say you work with an organization and your boss isn’t a nice person. Are you going to try to manage a good relationship with your boss or you are just going to quit your job?

The best option is for you to manage a good relationship with your boss and that’s why you need to learn relationship management skill.

Reading skill

I’ve heard several times that the moment you stop learning, that is the moment you start dying. One of the ways you learn is by reading.

One of your goals is to develop a reading habit whereby you can read certain number of books monthly, if you can do this you will be able to develop your mind.

You should also learn to read faster because when you read faster you will be able to read more books and you should also study the things you’ve read. What really matters when reading is what you can remember after reading and also your understanding of what you’ve read. So it is good you learn how to read faster and study about what you’ve read.

Public speaking

Public speaking has to do with you being able to deliver a speech to a group of people and I think this is one skill everyone needs to acquire.

You might be called to make a speech at any point in time, let’s say you’ve just been promoted in your office and you were asked to make give a speech based on your new position, you might just have to do it, so imagine what’s going to happen if you aren’t good public speaking.

One of the qualities of a good leader is being able to make a good public speech so that that can influence a large group of people, if you intend to be a leader then you should start developing your public speaking skills.

The truth is that some people are born with the public speaking skills, they just do it naturally without training for it while some people need to learn it but it doesn’t matter if you are gifted in it or not since you can always learn it. What matters is you being able to give speech in public places when given the opportunity to do so.

First aid skill

First aid is the care given to an injured person before medical treatment is available. One of the main purpose of first aid is to prevent an injury from getting worse.

One of the reason why you should learn a first aid skill is because it can be of help to you when you are injured, you will be able to prevent the injury from getting worse.

You can also use your first aid skill to care for your family and friends when they are injured. Let’s say your friend got cut by a knife and he is bleeding, you should be able to know how to control the bleeding so that it doesn’t get worse before medical treatment is available.

It’s an important skill you need to learn because you never know when you might need it

Use of cutlery

The use of cutlery involves the use of fork, spoon and knife to eat. You might argue that you don’t need this skill but what happens if you go for dinner or launch with your clients and they are using fork and knife to eat, you might also need to use the same.

You might even have the opportunity to travel out of the country and you notice that it’s cutlery they are using to eat. Not using cutlery in a situation like that will make you like a weird person.

You might not want to use fork and knife to eat foods like eba, pounded yam, amala and some foods like that but sometimes when you are in some social settings it’s better you use your fork and knife even if the food is a swallow meal.

I’m not saying you should be using this skill at home always when eating but you need to learn for the days you are going to need it.

Cooking skill

Cooking is something other people can help you with if you don’t want to do it but at least you should learn how to cook some simple food. You should be able to fry egg, cook rice, cook noodles, even make tea and make some simple food.

I understand some people don’t cook because they do not have the time to cook while some others don’t cook because they are not gifted at it. Whatever your reasons maybe you should still learn how to cook because there might be need for it someday.

Basic electrical skill

This is a skill that enables you to repair and maintain electrical appliances. There are some minor electrical issues you should be able to fix yourself at home. You should be able to change light bulb, switch on/off the generator and even fix plug for appliances.

You will be able to save cost if you can do some of these things yourself and you don’t have to call an electrician to come help you with minor electrical issues.

People are always scared of getting electrocuted and that’s part of the reason they don’t want to touch electrical appliances but if have basic electrical skills, you will be able to prevent such occurrences because of the knowledge you have about electricity.

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You can add to the list by commenting below if you feel there’s any skill that wasn’t mentioned but most importantly you should always develop new skills as it’s going to make you a better person.

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