7 Secrets of Success That No One Told You About

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There are secrets in life that can help you become successful and when you know these secrets they will also help you to become successful. Now, let’s discuss about the 7 secrets of success that no one told you about.

Set goals

Goals are the things that you intend to achieve but it is not just enough to set goals for yourself, you also need to write down your goals so that you can see it and work with it.  

When setting goals you should set SMART goals. That means your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.

You should also be flexible enough to modify your set goals if there is need for you to do so.

The goals you set should be for short term and long term. The thing in life what you see is what you get and the goals you set are the ones you will achieve.

Draw out plans to achieve your goals

It is not enough for you to set goals for yourself; you also need to have clear strategies on how you intend to achieve your goals.

Your plan should be detailed enough to specify the resources, strategies and the time that you will need to achieve you goals

There is a popular saying that failure to plan means that you are planning to fail.  That means you should always do your planning before you act and you will succeed but when you act without planning it will lead to failure.

You should have your daily plan, your monthly plan and your yearly plan. The plans for the different periods should be different but it should be in line with same purpose.

Work hard

There is no substitute for working hard and if you really want to be successful then you should be ready to work hard.

The truth is that work doesn’t kill instead it makes you stronger, so don’t be afraid when you have a lot of work to do instead you should be happy because in the end it only makes you a stronger and a better person.

Some people believe in working smart only of which it is not possible for you to work smart without first of all working hard, so you can see that both of them go hand-in-hand

In essence what I’m saying is that you should work hard and also work smart to achieve your goals because there is no way you are going to work hard and smart without achieving your goals.

Be disciplined

It means that you keep doing what you ought to do even when it’s not convenient for you to do them. When you discipline yourself it makes you a stronger person in the sense that you are able to withstand pressure faced in the outside world.

Some people  think that being successful in life has to do with your  talent and skill but the truth is that your talent and skill only might not be able to make you successful as you will need other things such as discipline.

Being disciplined is not something that you just attain once but it is something that you get into gradually and with time it will become part of you.

Have integrity

Integrity simply means keeping to your words even when it feels convenient or not. In life everyone wants to deal with someone who has integrity, when you have integrity people will trust you but when you don’t have integrity people won’t trust you.

You should also make sure you don’t take advantage of others even if you have the opportunity to do so because if they find out later it can affect your relationship with them and good relationship is important to your success.

Another way to know if you have integrity is when you keep to time; don’t have the habit of showing up for meetings late or never keeping to your time. Some people think that it is normal not to keep to time but it is not.

Situations beyond your control may occur sometimes but in such instances makes sure you communicate the change of time to all parties involved ahead of time

Have passion for success

One of the secret in life is that you should have passion for whatever you do. Whatever work you have the opportunity to do you should do it best.

At every point in your life you should always do your best because success is not a day work instead it is the result of work that you have done over a period of time.

At every point in time you should be aiming at achieving more goals and don’t over stay in your comfort zone.

Don’t be comfortable doing only the things you like instead you should do the things that can make you successful.

Be focused

Focus simply has to do with your ability to start a project and also complete the project. It also has to do with paying attention to details in different areas of your life.

You should not embark on several projects at the same time because when you do so the effort you are applying on each project will be watered down and less effective.   

Cultivate the habit of completing projects that you started. Some people are in the habit of starting new projects and in the end they will not complete the project they’ve started. 

Don’t be part of the people that start a project and abandon it half way because they are too weak to move on and complete it.


Failing is usually part of the process of succeeding, so do not be afraid of failing. You should not let failure keep you down instead you should see failure as a learning process which teaches you the mistakes you need to avoid if you want to be successful.

Whenever you fail you should try again even if it means taking steps backwards and starting all over from the beginning, I can tell you that it is worth it.

Wishing you all the best as you begin to succeed in life

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