Why Is Financial Success Important To You?

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I will be discussing on the importance of financial success in today’s post. It is good we succeed in different areas on our lives but it is also important that we succeed financially.

The reason why is said it is important for you to be successful financially in life is because financial success fuels other aspects of your life.

It is good to be successful financially but that should not be the only success you desire in life. You should also consider success in other areas of life such as your physical and spiritual life.

I have seen a lot of rich people that are sad, empty and depressed. This is happening to them because they have focused on only financial success in life.

Let me tell you, if you have all the money in the world and you do not have good health, you will not be able to enjoy the money you have.

In this life do not wear yourself out to get rich or I let me put it like this, do not kill yourself to get rich.

At every point in time, you should be conscious of your health (mentally, physical and spiritually)

Importance of financial success

Now, let us discuss about some of the importance of financial success to us.

To help others

One of the reasons why you should desire to be financially successful is that it enables you to help other. How does it feel when people call you for help and you can easily help them?

When you are financially successful, you can help your family members, you can help your friends, you can also help your community.

Imagine being able to help others pay for their rent when they are stranded or imagine helping children to pay their school fees when their parents can’t pay at that moment.

I feel this is one of the best ways you can put your money to use, by helping others around you especially when they are stranded.

To take care of yourself

As you all know, your health is important and you cannot enjoy your money without good health.

So, one of the best decisions you can take in life is using the money you make to take good care of yourself.

Some of the ways you can take good care of yourself is by eating good food, wearing good clothes, traveling for vacation, engaging in recreational activities and doing health checkup when necessary.

To show love to others

One of the evidences of showing love is by giving but that does not mean that giving equals to love.

You can sometimes give people something for your own selfish motive but one thing is sure, if you love someone, you will definitely give to the person.

Imagine taking your loved ones out on a treat every weekend. Going to the cinemas, going to the beach or taking them with you for vacation.

If there is no money in excess, you might not think about all that and it is understandable.

Bur really just do your best to be successful financially, so that you will not tell your children story.

To get good education

When you have excess money, you can get all the education you want. You can learn whatever you want to learn because you can get the knowledgeable people to teach you.

Being rich also helps you give your children the best of education.  They can go to any school in the world and they are not limited by their location.

To keep growing financially

In life, we use money to make more money. When you have money, it gives you the opportunity to keep growing financially which is one of the reasons the rich keep getting richer.

They use their money to buy ideas from other people, they use their money to by good businesses from other people, they also employ the best brains to run their business for them.

They can do all this because they have a leverage over most people which is their money.


The money you have is not just meant for you to spend on yourself alone. You should spend it on yourself and also on other people.

If you spend your money all on yourself then I do not see you as a financially successful person.

I’ve have discussed about some important reasons why we all need to be financially successful in life. I am writing based on what I know and what I’ve experienced.

I would love to hear from you also, why do you think we should be financially successful in life?

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