5 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid This New Year

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Happy New year to everyone and in this post, I will be discussing about 5 types of friends you should avoid this year.

This is my first post for the year and I hope you read it and learn from it.

Last year I couldn’t write much post because I was focusing on some other projects but this year I will consciously make more effort to write posts regularly and I hope you read my posts.

Well, the post title might sound mean sometimes we need to reduce our communication with some people.

The people we relate with have influence on us be it consciously or unconsciously.

There is this popular saying that show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

I’m just going to go straight to the point of my post today. 5 types of people you should avoid in your inner circle.

The complainers

This year, you should avoid people that complain about everything and anything.

There are people that do not take responsibility for their lives instead they blame every other person around then when things go wrong.

You might have seen people like that before and they might even blame you when you are trying to help them out if a situation.

This year, you should avoid people with such habits.

You can find people like this everywhere, you can find them in your workplace, church, neighborhood, social gatherings and also on the internet.

The gossips

The second set of people you need to avoid this year is those that gossip a lot.

I know a lot of us enjoy People that feed us gossip because it is so sweet to the ear.

But the truth is that gossip doesn’t add any value to you. It will only waste your time.

I want to apologize before I say this statement but I feel this category is filled with mostly ladies.

Some people have gone to the extent of taking gossip as their hubby or even profession.

These days I see a lot of gossip blogs and they get a lot of traffic because they feed people with the gossip they want to hear.

This year, you should do your best to avoid people that feed you with gossips because, it adds no value to you.

The mockers 

The mockers are people who find fault in other successful people.

Most people in this category are jobless people. They just come around and start spoiling other people.

You can see example of people like this on the internet, they are always against public figures in the internet. Finding fault in what they do but they never take out time to assess themselves.

The Negative Minded 

Negative Minded people are toxic people.

They are people that will discourage you whenever you want to take a bold step.

They are people that will give you several reasons not to start a project.

They are people filled with fear and the bad this is that fear can easily be passed.

Negative vibes also flow easily, when one person has it, it is easy for that person to pass it to others.

This year, you need someone that can motivate you and boost your morale.

You need someone that can give you the push you need.

The simpleton

This year, you should avoid people who do not have vision or people who set small goals for themselves.

There are people that cannot stretch themselves in life. What they need in life is food to eat and the money to meet their basic needs 

Well, that is not bad but it is not the best way to live your life. 

In life, you need to continually step out of your comfort zone into new territories.

Simpletons are people who are okay with whatever life offers them.

They do not have their own plans but other people fix them into their plans always.

You should know what you wan

t to get out o life and you should go for it. 

Do not just live to take whatever life offers you, instead you should be in charge and demand what you want out of life 


The post is for serious minded people that want to make advancement this year but if you are someone who is all about fun and pleasure then you can keep friends like this.

Well, the truth is that you will definitely have friends with the traits discussed above but you shouldn’t let them get to close to you to the extent where they can influence you.

An if all your friends have these traits, I guess one of your new year resolutions should be making new friends with the right traits.

Cheers to your success in the New Year.

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