7 Things To Do Every Morning To Make Your Day Successful

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The thing is that I also do that sometimes maybe when I wake up late and I have an appointment to catch up with.

I’m not saying this routine is bad but it’s not the best way to start your day because it will make you less productive

I’m writing this post because the daily morning routine of most people is brush your teeth, take your bath, get something to eat and rush out of the house.


Prayer is something everyone does either consciously or unconsciously, the truth is that we all pray.

Prayer is a communication between you and the invisible. Whenever you desire something and you say, you are already.

If you learn the art of praying properly then you will begin to get answers to your prayers faster.

And some of those principles of praying properly include praying without distraction, praying according to God’s will and praying using the name of Jesus.


Meditation is also something that you should be doing every Morning.  This involves reading and thinking over what you’ve read.

You can meditate on different subjects in the morning and what this does is that it helps you respond to matters more accurately during the day.

You can meditate for 10, 20 or 30 minutes but I can assure you that it will help you a whole lot during the day.

Set your goals

One of the important things you should also do in the morning is to set goals.

The thing is that if you don’t have a picture of what your day is going to be in the morning then you might as well accept whatever the day presents you.

But if you have a picture of what your days is meant to be then your day might likely come out like that.

Plan your day

There’s a popular saying that when you fail to plan then you are planning to fail and that’s actually the truth because when you do not plan your day, it means you are already planning to fail that day.

This might not apply in all cases but it is definitely applicable in most cases.  You notice that the days you do not plan yourself, you might end up wasting time on activities that are not relevant thereby making that day less productive.

When you plan your day in the morning, it will make you achieve more that days because you will be able to focus on important task you need to finish that day.


You should also make sure you do some exercises in the morning as it will keep you physically and mentally alert throughout the day.

The exercise must not be a serious one, it can just be something light. It could just be walking, jogging or some push-ups.


It is also a good idea to eat in the morning as that that is one of the periods when your body needs food the most.

It is not compulsory you eat a lot of food in the morning. You can just take something light and you will see how it will energize to go about your business during day

You should also know that though it’s good to eat, you shouldn’t eat too much.

Listen to good music

This actually works well for me. Whenever I listen to good music in the the morning, it puts me it the proper mood and right frame of mind.

Look for music with good content to listen to in the morning and let it encourage your spirit.

You should give this a try for one week if you have not been doing it before and see how it’s going to shape your mood for the day especially on a day when you woke up moody.

If you are detailed, you should be able to finish these activities within 45 minutes in the morning. You might not need to do all but some are very necessary for you.

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