7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Betting (STOP IT NOW!)

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Instead of betting with your money, you can instead save the money. That is the wise decision to make.

If you have been betting before then you need to read this post. In this post I will be showing you reasons why you shouldn’t get involved in betting.

I heard story of a guy who won lottery money, about 2 million dollars and that’s a huge amount of money.

Some people began to study this guy to see how successful he was going to be in some years’ time.

But to their amazement, after some years the guy lost all his money and he became poor again.

So you might be wondering what really happened.

Well, let me tell you what actually happened, the money had wings and it flew away.

Yes! If you are wondering if that is true, it is very true. Money has wings and it can fly.

So as an individual you need to learn the science of making money so that you can attract money by making it fly to you and you also need to learn money management so that you can hold your money, keep it from flying away and make it work for you.

Now, let me show you some reasons why you need to avoid getting into betting or gambling.

1. Addiction

Betting causes addiction and you won’t know it until you’ve gotten into it.

If you want to have an addiction, make sure you are addicted to good things.

Don’t be addicted to gambling or gambling instead you should be addicted to things like reading, studying, and doing business.

It is always hard to come out of addiction when you are caught in its web.

When you are addicted to something, you will feel like you can’t stop doing it and it will become part of your everyday routine

2. Encourages laziness

If you can take your time to observe people that are into betting, you will notice that they are mentally and physically lazy.

These set of people are looking for short cut to make big money and the best option for them seems to be betting or gambling.

If you want to make money, think of how you can provide solutions to people’s problem and you will definitely get paid for that.

The process of providing solution to other people’s problem will make you think better and help you develop your skills

Our brain was made so that it can think solutions. The brain was not made to be thinking betting.

Please let us put our brains to better use than using think about betting. Your brain can come up with solutions I you task it well enough.

3. Debt

Betting will not throw you in debt at once instead it will take you into debt gradually.

The first thing betting will do is that it won’t make you have savings because all the extra funds you have to save would have been used to bet in the guise of doing business.

Let me state it clearly that “betting is not business”

When you do not have savings, you are bound to go into debt because an unforeseen circumstances might come up and you will need to spend money to handle the situation and the next option will be getting loan to meet up with your obligations.

Instead of betting with your money, you can instead save the money. That is the wise decision to make.

4. Very few have succeeded through betting

When you study the richest people in the world, you will notice that none of the is into the “business of betting”.

Every of those rich men provide solutions and that was how they were able to get their wealth.

For instance Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and it helps people from different parts of the world to communicate and share their mind.

Bill Gates for instance, created the windows software which makes using a computer system easier.

If you also want to be rich, you need to be able to provide a service that helps a lot of people.

5. It doesn’t develop money making skills

If you take all the money of a rich man away from him today, he will still get rich tomorrow because he has already developed the skill of making money.

But if you take all the money of a gambler away today, he will be broke tomorrow because he has not developed the skill of making money

Working hard for you money also helps you learn how to manage your money but when you win lottery money, there is high possibility that you will squander it fast because you’ve not learnt the art of money management.

One of the best thing you can do with your time is to learn the art of making money and also develop money management skill rather than using your time for betting or gambling.

You can read the science of getting rich if you want to learn how to make money.

6. Lack of focus

If you are not focused in life, you can hardly attain success.

One of the major reasons why people do not succeed in life is not because they are not talented but it is because they are not focused.

People get distracted by a lot of things such as Ponzi schemes, HYIP, gambling and partying which makes them loss focus on becoming successful in life.

In life, you need to avoid so e activities that are time wasting and o e of those activities is betting.

The time used for betting is an absolute waste of time. You should avoid it all cost and if you’ve been doing it, make a conscious effort to come out of it today.

7. Mental health

Losing during bets can affect your mental health negatively.

This has happened to a lot of people that are into betting especially those that have been betting for years.

I’ve seen people that are into betting and it has caused them depression.

So, if you want to avoid depression, one of the ways you can do so is by avoiding betting.

If you want to stay healthy mentally, you need to engage your mind in developmental activities such as reading, studying and observation.

As you can see I do not like anything that involves betting and that is because I want to be 100% healthy mentally.


I’m sure I have been able to show you some reasons why you should stop betting. There are lots of reasons why you should stop but these are the few ones I decided to talk about.

You can think about yours and write it in the comment section below.

My final advice to everyone is that of you that have been betting is, please stop betting today (yes, you can stop it!) and if you’ve never been involved in betting before, please don’t go into it.

Do your best to be successful in life and you will definitely be successful.

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