You Are A Supernatural Being

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I’m sure that you might be surprised at the topic because it says you are a supernatural being. Well, that is just the plain truth, we are all supernatural beings and we are capable of doing supernatural things even though we are in physical form.

Who is a supernatural being

A supernatural being is someone who is above or beyond the natural. This is someone who does extra ordinary things.

We all supernatural beings and that is why we can do extraordinary things.

The moment you start seeing yourself as an ordinary person. That is the perspective you will have about yourself.

If you also see yourself as a supernatural being then you will begin to function in that capacity.

If you are still doubting that you are a supernatural being then I will show you some reasons which will make you know that you are a supernatural being.

Reasons why you are a spiritual being


For the fact that you can get inspiration to do new things shows that there is something special about you.

Everyone get the inspiration to do things from time to time but if you say you’ve never gotten inspiration to do anything then something is wrong somewhere.

It is inspiration that brings about Invention of new technologies and development.

You will notice that the world keeps developing and coming up with new technologies. That is happening because inspiration is always available to bring out new ideas.

Inspiration comes to those who open their minds to get it and it turns back from those who have a wrapped mind.

Everyone can get inspiration to be innovative and inventive if the open their minds and that goes to show that we are super natural beings.


Every human being on this earth have the ability to be creative.

So, it is left to you to take advantage of it.

Creativity is the ability to come up with solutions in the midst o trouble.

Being creative is the ability to think outside the box when all options seems to be exhausted.

Creativity and inspiration are related but they are not the same.

Inspiration can push you to draw a picture but creativity helps you to draw the picture and paint it nicely.

But in all, both of them show the spiritual side of life.


Vision does not mean just seeing instead it means ability to see farther than where you are now

The world is directed by people that have vision (people that can see into the future).

As humans, we all can see visions and how far we go in life is a function of how far we can see.

Do not limit yourself by seeing small visions instead see big visions.

The spiritual aspect to this is that what you see in life is what you get.

As a people we all see different visions and that we why we achieve different goals.

And there are also people that do not see vision of their future. They lack the ability to see and you will notice that such people do not achieve much in life.

Having vision is a very important aspect in life and it can determine the course of your life.

You can communicate with God

One of the facts that also points to the fact that we are supernatural beings is that we can pray

Prayer is a communication with God. We do not see God but we can communicate with him.

God is a supernatural being and only supernatural beings can communicate with him. So, the fact that we can pray to God and he speaks to us back is a sign that we are supernatural beings.

I have personally seen the effect of prayer in my life. I have been in challenging situations more than and can handle, then I pray and I get a supernatural response.

Take that advantage of being able to communicate with God and communicate with Him regularly and you will be amazed at how well God helps

When you get confused about life, you can always talk to God and he will speak to you and direct you on the way to go.

You dream

One other spiritual fact that shows that we are supernatural beings is the fact that we can dream while we sleep.

Sometimes we sleep and dream and when we dream, we see what will happen in future. This is beyond human comprehension but it also points to the fact that we are supernatural beings.

We do not dream because it is a natural thing to do. We dream because it is one of the means through which God communicates with us.

You will also notice that you do not understand some of your dreams, but there are people that can interpret and understand your dreams. This is also a spiritual aspect of life.

It is not everyone that can understand and interpret dreams. It is not everyone that also dream about the future.

But the fact remains that we all dream even though I don’t know what you have been dreaming about, we all dream


You should always have it in the front of your mind that you are first a spiritual being then a physical being. That means you are a spiritual being experiencing life in the physical form.

When you have the understand that you are a supernatural being, it will help you perform exploits, it will make you creative and also innovative.

If you want to go high in life, you need to tap into that supernatural dimension which has been made available for you already

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