How To Overcome Inconsistency In Your Life (Must Read!)

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How To Overcome Inconsistency In Your Life

In today’s post, I will be showing you how you can avoid inconsistency in your life.

Inconsistency has been one of the major reason that people do not achieve success in life.

There is no way you can be successful in life if you are not consistent at what you are doing.

Consistency is the ability to do something repeatedly over a period of time till you get result even though it is not convenient.

If you are having issues with being consistent, you have to get rid of it today and that is what I will be showing you in this post.

Inconsistency can hold you down for years and prevent you from making advancements in life.

Look at your life for the past 5 years and ask yourself a question.

What is that thing you would have done every day for the past 5 years that would have brought about a drastic change in your life?

You will definitely get an answer if you think deep. And that goes to show the powerful impact that consistency can have on your life.

I will be sharing with you some tips on how to be consistent in life and avoid inconsistency.

#1 Start small

I know a lot of people won’t be comfortable with the statement that they should start small because they want to make it big in life.

The truth is little drops of water and little drops of sand makes a might ocean and a beautiful land.

Starting small does not mean you will remain small. 

For instance, your first work experience cannot be the post of the managing director because if you are given the post of a managing director, you will break down for lack of experience.

So the like position to start with is an officer and you become consistent at your work, you will begin to develop capacity which can make you the managing director in years to come.

When you start small, you will be able to achieve success easily and that will continue in your subsequent tasks. This will give you the confidence you need to keep on succeeding in life.

But when you start big, your chance of succeeding is low and this can make you inconsistent because you are not motivated to work as success rate is low.

So for you to be consistent in life, you need to start small and build momentum. Success is a habit and it is what we do every day that gives us good success.

#2 Have clarity of purpose

When you are not clear about what you want to achieve in life then you cannot be convinced enough to consistently work on achieving it.

Lack of focus is caused when there is no clarity of purpose. The reason why you can stay a long time without achieving any tangible goal is because you do not know what you want.

Imagine starting a day without knowing what you want to achieve. You will notice that after eating and talking with friends, the time is already noon.

After eating lunch, talking and using your phone, you will notice that night has come.

Time does not wait for any man. For you to maximize your time, you need to know what you want and go all out to achieve it with all your strength.

“Life will not give you what you want until you consistently ask life to give you what you want”

#3 Be responsible

You need to know that you are responsible for whatever result you in life.  Nobody is responsible for where you are in life today.

Your boss is not responsible is not responsible for where you are in life today.

Your parents are not responsible for where you are in life today.

Your family members are not responsible for where you are in life today.

You are responsible for where you are in life today. Yes, you!

When you have this understanding then you know that you need to keep moving and give no room for inconsistency.

For instance, if you run a business and you know that if you don’t work for a day you will lose a lot of money and won’t be able to pay salary then you will not want to be resting when you ought to be working because you know that you are responsible for the success of the company .

#4 Plan ahead

When you don’t plan, you will definitely waste time. Most time wasters do not have a plan for themselves.

It is so easy to wake up in the morning to surf the internet, watch TV or talk with friends.

But it takes dedication to start your day with planning. That is one of the major differences between successful people and those who are not.

Planning makes you know what do next in your daily activity. A lot of people live their lives based on what life throws at them, they do not have a plan of what they intend to achieve.

When you plan your time and you are able to stick to your plan then you will find it easy to be consistent at whatever you do.

So, practice the art of planning and sticking to your plan.

#5. Make use of technology

You can now make use of technology to plan your day and this can help you to be consistent in life.

You have several App on your phone that can help you manage your time. If you can manage your time properly then you are on their your way to being consistent.

One of the Apps you can use is Sunsama App, it is available on Android and iOS phones.

Don’t let your phone be a source of distraction instead make it a tool to make you work smarter.

#6. Avoid making excuses

One the reasons people do are not consistent in life is because they give excuses

Excuses justify reasons for failure. You should not look for excuses when you fail on a project instead you should look for how to succeed on your next attempt.

Excuses justify reasons for being inconsistent. A lot of people have several excuses for not doing activities that can make the succeed in life and this is one of the reasons they have not succeeded.

Giving excuses keeps you in your comfort zone. It doesn’t make you grow in life.

#7. Do not give up

People that give up do not succeed in life. Whenever you give up you do not discover your full potential.

Why should focus on what can happen when you fail instead of focusing on what can happen when you succeed.

People that give up are weak people, you might think it is a lie but that is the truth.

When you are weak or tired about life, you will just feel like giving up. That is why you see some people commit suicide. They commit suicide because they weak and they feel they cannot move on in life.

Quitting is one of the major enemies of success. When you are about to succeed, there will always be a voice telling you to give up because you might fail. Do not listen to such voice instead stay focused on achieving success.

Quitting is also encourages inconsistency. That’s why you people start a business and they quit after some months, they start another business and they quit again and they keep going in that cycle. That is a sign of inconsistency.


Being consistent is one of the major keys to success in life. You need to be consistent at whatever you do if you want to be successful in life

You cannot succeed in life without being consistent. Success does not come to people who are lucky, success comes to people who are consistent and persistent

Inconsistency will make you frustrated because you will not be getting the desired results you want. You will just notice that you feel frustrated sometimes without knowing the reason.

Inconsistency will keep you stagnant for years. And it can also make you lose your self-confidence.

So, you can see that inconsistency is not an option. It is something you should fight to overcome.

You can overcome inconsistency when you follow the tips in this post. It has to be a deliberate effort. No one can do it for you, only you can do it for yourself.

Cheers to being consistent!

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