Did You Know? Luck Is When Opportunity Meets Preparation

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Did you know that luck is not something that happens to you without deserving it? Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

Whenever you get lucky, it is because you deserve it. You got that result because you took an action.

If you went for an interview and you were the only person selected out of a thousand people, that can be lucky but it happened because you made an effort on your part.

Why is it that some people get good luck most times while some other people get bad luck most times? I will be answering that question in this post.

Are you still doubting if you can get good luck continuously? You can get luck most times if you make the right preparations.

How to prepare for opportunities

Below are some tips on how to prepare yourself for opportunities

Develop a skill.

There are many skills you can develop in life, you can learn coding, you can learn how to play instruments, you can learn how to cook and there is no end to what skills you can learn in life.

When you learn new skills, you prepare yourself to make use of new opportunities that come your way.

Most people that get lucky in life are that have an open mind to learn new things.

People with wrapped minds don’t get lucky most of the time because they don’t learn new things.

Show up on time

People that get lucky are those that show up on time.

People that show up on time are people that are willing to make use of every opportunity that comes their way.

If you have the habit of procrastinating then you might often end up getting bad luck.

Have a positive mindset

You should always have a positive mindset whenever you have opportunities. Believe that you can make use whenever you are chanced.

it is also good for you to have an expectant mind, expecting opportunities and success as you go through your day.

Don’t get carried away by the bad news you hear or by bad experiences others have faced.

When you expect good things to happen to you and good things will happen to you. when you expect bad things to happen to you, bad things will happen to you.

The choice is yours to make but I will suggest you expect success and success you will get.

How to get lucky all the time

Do you want to get lucky all the time? If your answer is yes, I’ve got a few tips for you.

You should be prepared

I have talked about how to prepare for opportunities above but I will just add a few things to it so you can better understand.

Opportunities do not announce when they are coming, they can show up at any time. You must be ready for opportunities when they show up

People that are prepared make better use of opportunities than those that are not prepared.

Opportunities will always come

No individual will not have opportunities in life. The fact that we all have 24 hours a day shows that life presents all of us with opportunities.

A lot of people do not see the opportunities that life presents them with instead they see them as challenges.

Whenever you are faced with challenges, you should look at the opportunities it presents.

Opportunities sometimes come disguised.

Don’t pass over opportunities

Poor means passing over opportunities repeatedly.

Poor people are people that pass over several opportunities life presents to them.

Your mindset can hold you down in life. Your mindset can make you overlook opportunities if your mind is filled with negativity.

Feed your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts, this will help you identify opportunities when they come and also make use of them.

Make the best use of all the opportunities you have.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing best. Put your best into everything you do because it might be the stepping stone to your success.

Sometimes we feel some things are not worth putting our best effort into and when we do that, what happens is that we don’t get the bigger opportunities we desire.

He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much but he who is not faithful with little will not be faithful with much.

Do your best at all times even when performing small tasks. You will develop competence when you do your best at all times.

Hard work brings more luck

If you want to get lucky most time, then you need to keep working hard. You don’t get lucky while sleeping on your bed all day.

Forget about the movies you see where people use good luck charms. In life, your good luck charm is working hard.

When you work hard, you will get more opportunities to come your way and at the same time, you will be prepared to make use of those opportunities.

Don’t be deceived, luck doesn’t fall in the lap of lazy People. It falls on those that are prepared to make use of opportunities that come their way

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