Success Is Like Being Pregnant (Lessons To Learn)

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Success Is Like Being Pregnant

“Success is like being pregnant everyone says congratulations but nobody knows how many times you were screwed” this is a popular quote by Dan Pena. This quote is deep and has a lot of lessons it teaches.

Some quotes have the power to change your life, I can tell you that this is one of such quotes. You should read it and try to understand the deep meaning behind the words.

After seeing these quotes, I was able to get some lessons from them and I will be sharing those lessons with you in this post.

People only see the success, they don’t know the story

We talk about a lot of successful people, we talk about how successful they are, their net worth, their awards, their achievements, and so on.

But we don’t take time to find out about their true story, challenges, set back, failures, and the rest.

If you want to be successful in life, you should look beyond the success of those that have succeeded. Seek to know their story, challenges, and how they overcame their failures.

People don’t appreciate the effort but the result

Most people do not appreciate efforts that do not metamorphose into results. For instance, if 2 football teams are playing and one of them is playing well but is not scoring goals while the other team is playing badly but mistakenly scores a goal.

The team that scores a goal will be more appreciated than the team that played well but didn’t score a goal. The team that scored will also be rewarded with a point while the other team gets no point.

In lie, nearly cannot kill a bird. It is either you kill the bird or you do not kill the bird.

Do your best to get the needed result. Don’t work or take action to impress people, you should work to get the desired result and achieve your goals. You should be a goal-oriented person.

You need to keep trying until you succeed

If you don’t achieve success the first time you tried, you should try again the second time and if you still do not achieve success, just keep trying till you achieve success.

You get closer to success the more you try. A lot of people give up after making a few attempts because they feel they are not capable of achieving success.

You should know by now that giving up is not an option when it comes to achieving success. You need to keep trying, making changes when need is, learning new strategies, learning from your failures, and making better decisions based on the knowledge you now have.

Failing is part of the process

You should have it at the forefront of your mind that failing is part of the process. if you are expecting failure before it comes, then it won’t take you by surprise. You only get surprised when you don’t expect that failing is part of the process.

There is no successful person that will tell you that he has not failed before, it is practically impossible. For instance, there is no way a baby will learn how to walk without falling. That is the same way one can’t be successful without failing initially.

The only people that do not fail are those that do not try taking action at all but the problem is that when you don’t take action, you will end up becoming a big-time failure.

Most of the people you can call failures in the world today are those that shy away from taking action. Most people that love taking action end up becoming a success.

You should enjoy the process

The road to success is not smooth, it is a rough road but you can decide to enjoy the journey if you have the right mindset.

One of the ways to enjoy the process is by staying motivated even when you are going through challenges. You should expect that there will be challenges on your road to success but tell yourself that you can overcome any challenge that may face you.

If you believe you will overcome all your challenges, you will overcome them but if you believe that your challenges will overcome, they will surely overcome you.

You don’t know when your success will come

As much as I do not believe that success is luck, success is predictable but you are not sure of the exact time success will come to you. This is why you need to be consistent in putting in your effort to get success.

Consistency is one of the keys to success. As a consistent person, you keep doing your best every day to achieve success. You shouldn’t wait for anybody to motivate you or wait for the circumstances to feel right, just keep doing what you are supposed to do

Love Success

According to the quote I mentioned above for you to make love with someone several times, it shows that you love to have a baby. It shows that you love the baby and it also shows that you love your partner.

The lesson this teaches us is that we should love success and we will be willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it takes to be successful.

If you are still lazy about getting successful, it shows that you do not love success enough. Love success and be passionate about it because it will give you the courage to overcome fear and failure on your journey to success.

Live for passion!

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