Best Motivational Speeches For Success In Life

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Motivational speeches are good for encouraging and uplifting yourself when you are down.

You will always have your down moments in life, these are periods whereby you have experienced failure or results that didn’t favour you.

What should you do in moments like this? Should you give up, feel sad or get up and rise again?

I have compiled some of my favourite motivational speeches for you and I want you to watch and listen to them, they will encourage you and make you keep going even when it gets tougher

You are success and success is who you are.

Nobody has the right to define you. nobody has the right to call you a failure

Listen to the motivational speeches below to get motivated.

Motivational Speech #1

Motivational Speech #2

Motivational Speech #3

Motivational Speech #4

Motivational Speech #5

So what should you be down?

Listen to motivational speeches

I shared some motivational speeches above and I would love you to listen to them. They are inspiring and motivating.

You might be surrounded by people that will not motivate instead, they will be wishing in their hearts that you fail.

Why should you be around people like that when you can get motivational speeches to listen to?

You can listen to these motivational speeches daily and I can assure you that they will help motivate you.

Pray to God

Prayer works, prayer is real and you need to pray regularly.

When you pray, you have this peace inside of you because you know you have handed your matter over to someone who is more than capable of helping you out of any situation you have found yourself

You should involve God in everything you do and he will make you succeed. Pray to God regularly, He is always willing to hear you.

I pray regularly and it works for me, whenever I’m faced with challenges beyond my control, I pray to God and He always answers me. My God has never failed me before.

Shake it off

I heard the story of a donkey that fell in a well and the people around tried to bury it.

They started pouring sand into the well so that the donkey could be buried but the donkey had the right attitude, it kept shaking the sand off.

As the donkey was shaking the sand off, it kept rising till it was able to get to the top of the well and come out.

The reason why I shared this story is that you will always have people in life that will talk you out of your vision.

Don’t let them bury your talent instead shake it off and move on.

When you continually shake it off, you will continually move ahead in life.

Shake off the insults, shake off the hate, shake off the failure, shake off the negative words and move ahead in life.

Get back in the game

You should never give up on your vision. It would help if you never quit in life.

You have got all it takes to be a success. Even if you fail, pick yourself up and get back in the game.

Those who quit never win and those who win never quit.

One thing you should take out of this post is that you should always stay motivated at whatever level you find yourself in life.

Stay motivated, stay gamed and you are going to win.

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  1. I was very discouraged . I created a website to sell Indian spices online but I was deficient in spirit to continue with that. but these motivational speeches I have heard give me fresh hope to continue my efforts. thank you


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