Fake Humility: Reasons For False Humility

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In this post, I will be discussing false humility because most people don’t know what it means to practice false humility.

False humility is showing humility whilst you were given no cause to be humble or whilst you don’t experience humility. Since people value humility, fake humility is often a method to take advantage of the blessings that comes with sincere humility. 

Some Reasons human beings show false humility 

Besides looking to keep away from offending others and showing delight indirectly, there are different motives for human beings to show fake humility. Some of the reason people show fake humility includes: 

1. To show indirect pride 

Some people have pride in them already but they don’t want it to show. So the only way they can show it is through false humility.

For instance, some people will post a picture of their home on social media with the intent to show off all their expensive gadgets. Then they will write a caption like “This is my humble home” 

The caption is good and humble but their intent is different. They just want to show off.

2. To lessen competition

Showing your competition you’re much less ready than you are is a smart method. We’ve all encountered that excessive college nerd who says they didn’t observe something however grow to be getting the very best marks. When your competition realizes your competence, they’ll up their recreation to compete with you. When they haven’t any clue how aggressive you are, they’re lulled right into a fake experience of safety. Heck, if you’re good, they may even assume that you’re incompetent.

3. To keep away from offending others 

As mentioned earlier, fake humility is usually a method to keep away from offending others. Does it work? Not all the time. People like honest braggarts more than humble braggers. 

This is a form of compromise that does not last. In situations like these, you try to humble yourself with the motive of not offending the other person and this will affect you emotionally which will still lead to you offending them at the end of it all.

4. To get compliments 

We all want to be complimented, however, many human beings aren’t so generous with their compliments. Portraying fake humility is one manner of extracting compliments from human beings. For instance, a spouse who prepares a dish and desires to extract praise from her husband may say something like: “It tastes horrible. I messed it up. I’m such a lousy cook.” The husband tastes it and is going like: “No, honey. It’s delicious. You’re an outstanding cook!” Did you notice what simply passed off here? Had she now no longer downplayed herself, possibilities had been the husband might’ve had the dish without bothering to praise her. By downplaying herself, she accelerated the possibility of having praise. 

 5. To control others 

Some human beings show fake humility to extract favors from others. They ‘play helpless’ to get you to do something while they’re now no longer as helpless as they’re portraying themselves to be. This is extraordinarily traumatic conduct and those who can stumble on it grow to be loathing such manipulators. Ask for assistance whilst you need it. 

How To Practice True Humility 

Humility may be described as a state of pride and arrogance. Society values humility as a personality trait. Hence, human beings have an incentive to show humility to be visible as treasured with the aid of using others. This leads a few to show humility while they don’t experience humility. 

Here Are 10 Simple Ways to Practice Humility 

 Don’t try to control different people’s affairs 

Except withinside the uncommon activities while a person especially asks you for assistance, maintain your recommendation to yourself. No, remember how well-intentioned your motive is. 

 Talk less about yourself and your achievements

When you talk too much about yourself and your achievement, that doesn’t depict humility in any way.

One of the qualities of arrogant people is talking about themselves and their achievements often and if you have such quality, you should check it, it means you are not humble.

It is good you have confidence in yourself and your abilities but you should not make it lead to you bragging about yourself. 

 Mind your affairs 

There’s this saying which says, “There are three sides to every story. There’s what you say happened. There’s what the other person said happened. And there may be what happened.” The fact is, regardless of the situation, you don’t realize the complete story. 

A lot of times, we judge situations wrongly but in reality, we feel we are right and others are wrong. Let us not conclude on issues before hearing different sides of the stories

It is good you mind your business and stay out of other people’s affair 

 Don’t be nosy

Curiosity now no longer handiest killed the cat, it killed many a friendship. Again, we are speaking balances here. There is a massive distinction between displaying a hobby in any other individual and being a traumatic, chronic interrogator. Accept what human beings percentage with you. If you watched you are beginning to move the road into being nosy…you in all likelihood have long passed too far. Dial it lower back a bit. 

 Accept corrections with a smile 

There are going to be instances when a person goes to disagree and try and accurate you for something. Whether they are proper or wrong, it does not remember – and your reaction ought to continually be identical. First, do not take something the opposite individual says personally. Accept the opposite individual’s opinion and surrender any want you need to show you are proper. When you do this, make sure to maintain your non-verbal cues in check. Accepting a person’s opinion, however, acting emotionally crushed together along with your palms folded and a scowl on your face may not assist. Smile, and take delivery of the opposite individual’s opinion as simply that. 

 Be gentle, even if provoked 

Being gentle, even if provoked will help you have a positive impact. The act of being gentle brings meaning to your lifestyle and rubs off on others. After all, it is hard to live irritated with a person if they reply with kindness

 Ignore the errors of others  

There’s a pronouncing I like which is going something like this, “People will continually neglect what you informed them, however they may in no way neglect the way you made the experience.” Instead of throwing human beings’ errors lower back of their face, use those instances as your possibility to expose your humility. Something alongside the traces of, “That’s OK, I used to make the identical mistake all of the time.” will move a protracted manner closer to displaying your genuine humility. It will set you aside as a frontrunner too. 

 Accept insults sometimes 

Don’t take matters personally. When a person throws insults in your manner, be confident the hassle they may be coping with isn’t you, it is something else.

 Accept being disliked or forgotten 

We all have a human want to be applicable. But from time to time lifestyles move on and, well…we are not as applicable as we as soon as had been. Recently I noticed a bumper decal that made me snicker out loud. “I was cool.” If you ever left an activity after which again a month later to go to and no one remembered you…it is no one’s fault. Life simply moves on. So while your espresso barista forgets your name, or the shop clerk is rude, and those do not go back your calls like they used to…do not take it personally. Accept it and say, “But of course…that is normal. It’s now no longer approximately me.” 

Treat everyone equally.

One of the signs that show you are humble is the way you treat people around you. When you treat some people better because they are richer or have something to offer you and you treat others less important because they are not rich or they have nothing to offer you.

You should learn to treat everyone equally, you should treat everyone nicely. It will not cost you anything to treat people around you nicely.

Treating everyone equal makes everyone happy and feel good about themselves and that is one of the effects of humility in an environment.

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