5 Habits That Can Make You Succeed In Life

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There are some things we need to do daily to live a successful life. Habits are not things that can be formed in a day, they are thing that are formed or developed over some period of time because some actions are being repeated.

As humans we develop both good and bad habit but most times it is easier to develop bad habit because they are easy actions we can easily repeat without adding much value to us. Watching TV all day can be a bad habit, being on social media all day can be a bad habit and these habits are easy to develop.

Reading can be a good habit, exercising can be a good habit but such habits are not easy to develop. It takes a a lot of discipline and diligence to develop these good habits.

In this post, I will be showing you some good habits that can help you succeed in life.

Set goals

One of the things we need to do daily is to set goals. Setting goals is not the same thing as having a dream.

When setting goals, you have specific things you intend to achieve and you also have a time frame for it.

For instance, writing a report within an hour is different from writing a report today. Setting goals help you manage your time better.

Sometimes when you work with your dreams only, you will lose track of time and spend a whole lot of time before achieving your dreams.

But when you break your dreams down into smaller goals, you are able to achieve your dreams faster and easier.


You need to take time each day to reflect on how the day was spent, what you were able to achieve and the things you were not able to achieve.

When you do this daily you will be able to see the mistakes you made during the day and how it can be corrected, you will also take note of the things you did well and you will be able to continue doing that daily

Most people are just in a rush throughout the day that they rarely have time to meditate and reflect over their lives.

Some people also feel it is a waste of time to sit down to meditate and think about important things. Such people just believe in taking action at times.

To-do list

It is not just enough to set goals, you need to be able to write a list of your activities out and you should also be able to follow it through.

Having a to-do list helps you work faster as you do not easily forget the things you are meant to do.

A lot of time when we know what we want to to in our head and it’s not written out, we tend to forget or get carried away by other activities.

Most times people have confidence in the ability of their brain and they feel they can store all their list in their head but sometimes it doesn’t just work out that way because as humans we are naturally forgetful.

Just take out some times out to write out your to-do list in the morning and let it guide you through the day.

Not to-do list

Another important thing you should do is writing a not to-do list. You should write out list of things you do not meant to do again.

For instance, you could write not watching TV or not play playing game on your list. Different activities apply to different people.

There comes a point in life when we realize that there are things we should not be doing again. One of the ways to stop those activities is by writing it in our no to-do list.

There are some activities you need to stop if you want be more successful in life. Try to find out those activities and also stop doing those activities.


Most people prefer to do activities they feel comfortable with and exercising isn’t one of those activities. There is no how you will do exercise and not feel pain.  Most people will choose listening to music or watching TV over exercising because the former seem more pleasurable.

Exercising your body has a lot of benefits and it is something you should do daily. You can do your exercise for 10 or 30 minutes daily. Work with a time you can meet up with daily.

It’s not a nice idea to set an hour period duration for your exercise and you can’t keep to it daily. Make sure you set a time you can work with.

Even if you miss a day  or two, just stick to the plan until it becomes an habit.


The habits above are good habits you should develop because they will help you to succeed in life. It might not be easy but it is do able and worth the sacrifice. Don’t always work to develop habits that are not beneficial to you and could even be destructive to you instead do your best do develop habits that are beneficial to you.

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