Going The Extra Mile To Achieve Your Dreams

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The first step to becoming successful in life is having a dream. When you have a dream then you will be able to achieve success easily.

Some people have dreams while some others do not have dreams, but it is not just enough to have dreams, if you are not work on achieving it, then nothing happens.

A lot of people have dreams and they do nothing about it or they do too little to achieve it, which might get them frustrated in life.

The difference between a successful person and someone who isn’t successful is that the successful person had a dream and worked on achieving it while the other person that wasn’t successful possibly had a dream and didn’t work on achieving it.

I have this friend I knew when I was much younger. He had many challenges and excuses for not succeeding in life, which includes not starting school in his early years, supporting his aunt with her business (because he came from the village to the city), doing a lot of chores at home  and doing some personal hustles.

With his schedule he was able to come out with a good result and he studied architecture in the university and today he is successful in his field. A lot of young chaps stilled failed to succeed even though they had lesser challenges than my friend.

One thing I learnt from my friend was the he never gave himself any excuse not to succeed in life. He went the extra mile and he was able to achieve his dreams.

How badly do you want to achieve your dreams?

I will be showing you some tips that can help you go the extra mile to achieve you dreams.


You need to be disciplined if you want to achieve your dream. Being disciplined means doing what you ought to do irrespective of how you are feeling.

Some people work based on their feelings, they do things when they feel like doing it. You will notice that such people perform excellently for a day but they perform poorly on  some other days.

I know people who just read once in a while and they can read for 10 hours straight when they feel like reading  but they don’t read regularly because they don’t always feel like reading.

Discipline helps you to develop a strong character whereby you are able to do things whether you feel like doing it or not.


Being dedicated is another attribute that can help you fulfill your dreams. You should learn to focus on what is important, don’t be carried away by other activities to the extent whereby you forget to work on achieving your own dreams.

Some people end up working for others and in the process they forget about their own dreams and focus wholly on their company’s dream. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do your best when working for other people but you should also create time for yourself to work on your own goals.

Some people just don’t know how they spend their day, all they know is that they are busy doing something even if it is not yielding result.


For you to achieve your dream, you need to be committed to that dream. You need to invest in you dream. You need to invest your time, energy and other needed resources.

You should set goals, have a plan and stay committed to your plan. You should also stay committed to your dreams irrespective of the challenges you are going to face.

Don’t give up on your dreams because of challenges that are going to come your way.


Making sacrifice for you to achieve your dream is really important, if you do not make sacrifices you might not be able to achieve you dreams.

You might need to sacrifice you time in order to achieve your dreams. You need to be able to manage your time effectively and do away with activities that are not important.

You might also need to sacrifice your sleep. Going the extra mile means working at night if that it will take to achieve your dreams.

You might also need to sacrifice your resources. You might need to cut down on you spending to save more in order to use the saved funds to invest on your dreams. A lot of business men had to sacrifice at the initial stage of their business. Some would even go months without paying themselves salary until the business stabilizes.

Some attitude that can hinder you from going the extra miles are:



Lack of confidence in your ability

Fear to fail

No planning

Take some time to invest seriously in your dreams, going all out to achieve them. At the end of it all you will become a success.

If you do not go the extra mile, you might never achieve your dreams but if you go the extra mile, you will most likely achieve your dreams.

Go all the way to achieve your dreams, give it what it takes and you are on your way to better days.

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