How To Be A Leader That Inspires Other People

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In this post we will be discussing how you can be a leader that everyone wants to follow. Leadership is not just about being in a position as a leader because you might be in the position of a leader and not inspire other people who follow you.

You might not be in the position of a leader and you inspire people to follow you. That makes you a leader already, so do not wait till you get the position of a leader before you start acting as one.

I’ve worked with a lot of bosses and I can’t refer to all of them as leaders because they didn’t inspire me but I can call some of the leaders because they inspired me. You must have a lot of bosses or few of them and I’m sure some of them have inspired you while some of them didn’t inspire you in anyway at all instead they created a bad impression of themselves.

You are definitely going to get to the position of leadership someday and it might be leading a group of 5 or 50 people. The question is what do you want to people to remember about you? Would they say you were able to inspire them or would they say you dampened their morale?

I will be showing some attributes that can make you inspire others as a leader.


As a good leader you need to be passionate about what you do, when you are passionate you will be able to transfer that energy to your team members. If you are not passionate about what you do, your followers also won’t be passionate about what they do.

You team members should know that you are will to go all the way to achieve the result that’s needed, don’t be the type of leader that is laid back because that will only make your team members lazy.


One of the attribute of a good leader is being fair to everyone in the group. As a leader if you are partial and give some people special preference in your group then you might likely cause disunity in the group.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have your favourites in the group but you shouldn’t make it too obvious. Every member of your group should feel they belong in the group and no one should be left out.


You also need to be proactive as a leader because you are like the head of a body and you know the body goes in the way the head controls it. So you need to think ahead of your followers and help the team head in the right direction, therefore you need to have a vision and a plan to work with. If you are not proactive as a leader your followers will see you as a confused individual.

Some people are just leaders because of position but in reality they are not leaders as they cannot make good and timely decision.

Be humble

A leader needs to be humble and down to earth. This attribute will make it easy for people to access leaders. Don’t be the type of leader that people can’t approach when they have issues or when they are looking for someone to share their opinion with.

Some leaders are lonely because they don’t allow people have access to them and deep within they are looking for people to talk with but nobody feels comfortable to talk with them because they aren’t humble.

Get involved

As a leader you need to get involved in activities with your team members, this will definitely inspire them to give their best. Don’t be the type of leader that sits by the corner and just give orders.

Some leaders are so lazy that they don’t do anything themselves instead they get other team members to do all the work.

Have a vision

One of the attribute of a leader that can inspire other team members is having a vision. Most people will rather follow a leader that has vision than a leader that doesn’t have vision.

Vision is what keeps people moving, it is what motivates people.  Without having vision as a leader, it’s going to be hard to inspire you team members but when there’s vision, you can easily lead them.

Encourage others

As a good leader you need to learn how to encourage people when they are performing or underperforming. When you encourage people, it allows them to do their best and go past their limit.

You should not develop the habit of criticizing your team members all the time. That is the only thing some leaders do because it makes them feel in charge.

Be transparent

A leader should not keep team members in the dark. A leader should give out information and make sure everyone in the team has updated knowledge of what’s going on.

When all members are knowledgeable, it makes work easy for the leader because the followers and the leader can operate on same frequency.  This helps everyone in the team to make decision when necessary and also helps them to give their best when participating.

Be friendly

Everyone feels comfortable and happy around a friendly person. That’s same way team members feel comfortable and happy when they have a friendly leader.

A friendly leader does not take advantage of people the way most bosses do and because they are friendly, this promotes unity within the team. A united team cannot be limited, they have the ability do perform better than a team of skilled people who aren’t united.

Final note

Do your best to be a leader that inspire others. One of the ways the success of a leader is measured is by the amount of leaders he is able to develop. A leader without successor(s) cannot be said to be completely successful.

Let people remember you and learn from you. You should have a positive impact on those you’ve led and help them grow to become a leader also.

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