7 Advice For Women In Business

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I will be sharing with you too 7 advice for women in business that can give their business 100% increase

The business world is meant for both men and women, therefore both genders have an equal opportunity of succeeding in business.

I think it is wrong for people to think that women are not capable of starting or running a business.

We have several examples of women that have been outstanding in their line of business or career.

Oprah Winfrey is a good example, she is a successful TV presenter and businesswoman.

Zhang Xin is another good example; she is a successful businesswoman in China who is into real estate development.

With these examples, you can see that there are successful businesswomen and more women are becoming successful in business as the day goes by.

Know what you want

As a woman in business, you should know what you want and be sure about it.

You should not go into business because everyone is going into business. You should do business for a purpose.

A lot of times I see women limiting themselves. They go into business because everyone is doing it or because that is the trend.

Following the crowd isn’t always the best option. You need to stand out to be the best.

For instance, you see a lot of women wanting to go into fashion because they feel it is a lady’s thing and because it is trending.

Don’t go into business because everyone is in that line of business. If you start your business with the wrong intent, you will not have the zeal to continue when you are faced with challenges.

Work on your strength

Everyone on this earth has their strength and weakness.

For you to succeed in business, you need to focus more on your strength rather than your weakness.

The reason why some women do not succeed in business is that they focus on their weaknesses and they want others to pity them as well.

If a woman can overlook her weaknesses and focus on her strength, she will be succeeded as an entrepreneur.

Don’t seek pity parties, they don’t make you stronger instead they make you weaker by accepting your excuses.

Build good relationship

Building good relationships is one of the keys to being successful as an entrepreneur

As a woman in business, you need to be able to maintain a good relationship with both sexes.

Some women have issues with maintaining good relationships with the opposite sex because they don’t know how to draw boundaries.

As a woman in business, you should know that it is not good to mix business with pleasure.

Some women have soft spot for their male business partners and this becomes a weakness which can kill their business.

Mixing business with pleasure can lead you to make wrong decisions and you will be blinded to it because you feel it is right.

Don’t be too emotional.

One of the strengths women have over men is that they are more emotionally intelligent than men.

But this could also be a weakness because some women get too emotional and do not reason logically sometimes.

Every successful entrepreneur is good at balancing logic with emotions, which is how they make good decisions.

If you get too emotional about issues and you don’t reason logically, you will make the wrong decisions most time.

You should learn how to balance your emotions with logic and you are on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t give up

A lot of women give up on business after they’ve experienced failure once because of the lies they’ve been told that business is for men.

As a woman, you need to reorientate yourself so that you can be a successful entrepreneur.

You should also know that your purpose is not just to give birth to children, train them and take care of the home.

You have other reasons for being here on earth which is to serve and add value to others.

You should also note that women can ensure pain more than men which is one of the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

Whenever you are having challenges in business, endure the pain and keep trying until you succeed.

Be firm about your decisions

Decision-making is one of the keys to success in business. It is not just enough to make a decision; you also need to be firm with your decisions.

People feel they can easily manipulate women to change their decision even if it is right to favour them.

As a woman in business, when you have made your decision and you are sure about it, stick to it.

Don’t allow people to make decisions for you, they will only be using you to achieve their aim if you allow that.

You should also learn to say no when you know it is the right thing to do. Don’t try to please everyone by telling them, yes and at the end of the day, it affects your decision-making.

Develop your inner beauty.

I see a lot of women working so hard to have beautiful, skin, faces and nice shapes. That is a good goal but most of them forget to also invest in their inner self.

When I say inner beauty, I am referring to your mind. As a woman in business, you need to develop your mind.

You can do that by reading a book and taking courses that are important to your line of business.

Let people appreciate you for what you’ve got inside of you and not for your outer beauty.


Don’t be deceived by the lies society feeds you. They will tell you that business is meant for men and women are supposed to be caring for the home. Taking care of the kitchen and children.

The truth is that women can succeed. God gave both male and female abilities in life. We as a people can all succeed if we do not limit ourselves.

Don’t let the fact that you are a woman or a man distract you from achieving your goals in life.

We can be the best we can be. All that we need to achieve our dreams has been given to us already.

Don’t limit yourself and don’t let others limit you.

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