How to Add Value To Others Around You (Start Now!)

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Today, I will be showing you how to add value to others around you. I once heard a story of a man who went for an interview and he was asked by the interviewer if he was going to be a liability or an asset to the company, but the man didn’t know the meaning of asset and liability, so he said he was going to be a liability to the company which means he will not add value to the organization if employed.

Do what you have passion about

It is natural for you to have a passion for something and you will find it easy to do what you have a passion about.

When you do something you have passion for you do it with ease and you can do it and not get bored. Sometimes the things you have passion for might not add value to people around your immediate environment.

One of the ways you can add value to people is by helping them solve their problems through what you have a passion for doing and I can tell you that it is one of the best things that can happen to you.

Identify the needs of others and meet it

When you are in an environment, you should not just be there for fun but you should be conscious of your environment by being sensitive to the needs of people around you.

Everyone has needs that they can’t meet themselves but someone else can help them meet those needs and you might be that person. So if you are that person, you should just go ahead to help them meet their needs.

Look for opportunities to add value to lives every day

Some people are like lions always looking for opportunities while some people are like snails they just go about their lives slowly.  It is better if you are like the lion but this time you will be looking for opportunities to add value to people’s lives.

Most times you might be occupied with a lot of things especially trying to develop yourself, but you also need to think of how you can be of help to others and that is how you make the world a better place.

You should always look for opportunities to add value to others around you, just try to make it a habit

Have a passion to succeed

Success will not come to you if you are laid back, you need to go for success to get it and you need to do it passionately.

As far as I am concerned you can do anything that is legitimate and be successful at it if you do it passionately. Sometimes you don’t need talent to succeed because your talent can be developed but you need to have passion for success if you want to succeed.

My advice is that you should put in your best in all you do so that you can get the best result. Whatever you have the opportunity to do something, make sure you do it well.


Don’t live your life being a liability or pest to others instead you should live your life to add value to others.

The way to make this world a better place is when we start adding value to each other’s lives but when you live your life to pester others, that means you are not doing your own part to make the world a better place.

Anyone can be successful in life if you decide to be successful. You can follow the tips in this post; this is a post that you should keep reading till you cultivate that habit of adding value to others.

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