10 Activities You Should Avoid as a Youth

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In this post, I will be discussing about 10 activities you should avoid as a youth. One of the first questions that might come to your mind when reading this post is are you a youth?

You can refer yourself to be a youth if you are a young person. You can say you are a youth if you are at your peak in terms of energy and health.

This post is for everyone active and old enough to make decisions on their own.

As we grow up in life, we partake in a lot of activities that will shape our future. If you partake in the wrong activities, they will impact your future negatively. If you partake in the right activities, they will impact your future positively.

Consciously or unconsciously we partake in different activities in our daily life. People with wisdom always try to control the activities they partake in.

I will be telling you some activities you need to avoid as a youth because they can impact your future negatively. One of the aims of creating this blog is to give people advice (especially youths) on how they can be successful in life.

So, make sure you follow my advice and avoid these activities.

Activities to Avoid


Drug/alcohol abuse


Engaging in risky sexual behaviour

Eating unhealthy foods

Not getting enough exercise

Smoking cigarettes

Cyberbullying/Bullying others

Cheating on schoolwork or tests



Your future is more important than any of these useless activities that only give temporary pleasure. Focus on what the future holds in store for you.

Your aim is to be successful in life and as you do that, you will also inspire others around you to be successful.

You need to start seeing your future from now. Anyone who cannot see a good future for himself from now on is already planning to have a bad future.

Let the good future of yourself that you see inspire you to get involved in the right activities.

One of the secrets of successful people is that they do the right things in order to get the right results.

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