Shining Like Stars: The Call of the Chosen Generation (1 Peter 2 :9)

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If you are a Christian, that means you are part of a chosen generation. God’s people are different from the people of the world.

As a Christian, people should be able to see you and recognize you as a Christian even before communicating with them.

You shouldn’t be the type of Christian that will have to inform everybody that he is a Christian before the know.

I’m not saying it isn’t good to tell others that you are a Christian, in short it is good but most importantly people should be able to know that you are a Christian before you tell them.

So, you can see that Christians are special people which is why they behave different from the people of the world.

Now, lets look at why we are called a Chosen generation.

The chosen generation

Being a chosen generation simply means that you belong tp God and He has chosen you for a special purpose.

When you read through the bible, you will notice that God always set apart some people from the others.

For instance, Israel was a chosen generation by God in the Bible which is why they were set apart from the other nation, God gave them victories on all sides

A royal priesthood

Being a royal priesthood means having double capacity of being a king and being a priest. In the Old Testament, it’s either you are a priest or a king and both have different functions.

Functions of a king in the Bible includes leading the nation in war, defending against enemies and expanding territory, Responsible for maintaining law and order, appointing officials, overseeing the justice system and Negotiating treaties and alliances with other nations.

Duties of a priest in the Bible includes offering sacrifices to God on behalf of the people for atonement of sins and thanksgiving, teaching the people God’s laws and interpreting their meaning. They acted as mediators between individuals and God, offering prayers and intercession on their behalf.

As a royal priesthood, you have the ability to perform as both king and priest which makes you a special breed.

A holy nation

The reason why you can live holy is because Jesus Christ has died for you , you have accepted Him into your life and you have been baptized in the holy spirit.

That implies that you can only live holy when you have the spirit of God inside of you. It is not something you force yourself to do but you can attain living a holy life by yielding to the spirit of God inside of you.

Proclaim the praise of God

One of the reasons God created us is to continuously proclaim His praise. We need to praise God all the time irrespective of the situation we  have found ourselves in.

The truth is that God is a righteous judge and He is always faithful in all He does.

You should learn to praise God on your own when no one is there, you should also learn to praise God when people are around you.

When you praise God, He will perfect all that concerns you in every area of life.

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