How to Overcome Drug Addiction: A Comprehensive Guide

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In case you know someone suffering from drug addiction or maybe you are suffering from drug addiction, I have good news for you, you can overcome drug addiction.

Drug addiction is not something that happens to you consciously, it is a gradual process that happens unconsciously.

In this post, the drugs I am referring to are called hard drugs. they are mostly taken to increase pleasure, excitement, and energy and forget about worries.

When you are taking hard drugs, you start enjoying it and getting used to it till you get to a level where the drugs get a hold of it and you can’t do without it.

Some drugs people take include Colos, weed, codeine, cocaine, tramadol and monkey tail.

These chemical mixtures are dangerous to human health. even though it gives some people a feeling of ecstasy, it is dangerous.

Addiction is a good thing if you are addicted to the right things. You can be addicted to reading, good daily habits, hard work, waking up early, learning, meditation, charitable giving and exercise.

Being addicted to the right things will make you successful in life.

Don’t be addicted to the wrong things such as drugs, pornography, sex, gambling and alcohol.

Being addicted to the wrong things can make you a failure in life.

In today’s post, I will be showing you how to overcome drug addiction.

Steps to overcome drug addiction

Recognize the Problem

If you are addicted to drugs, you need to accept that you have a problem that needs a solution. When you have recognized your addictions as a problem then you have started your journey to living right.

People that are addicted to drugs sometimes do not know it, they feel their craving to take more drugs is a natural one.

I will give you an example, when someone takes alcohol and starts to get drunk, he will tell you he is not drunk and he knows what he is doing. Most people who are drunk will tell you they are in their right frame of mind because they feel so.

Seek Professional Help

Once you know you are addicted to hard drugs the next step is to seek professional advice.

You can start by seeing a doctor, the doctor can then refer you to an addiction psychiatrist or a substance abuse counsellor.

When you have a challenge like this don’t seek help from people who are into drugs as their advice may make your situation worse than it was initially.

Avoid friends who are into drugs

Keeping friends who are into drugs is not a good idea when you are battling with drug addiction.

Your friends can lure you to do things you do not intend to do. Do not have the mindset that your friends can’t influence you to do wrong things such as taking drugs. They can and that is the plain truth.

You need to watch the type of friends you keep when battling with drug addiction.

My advice is that you cut yourself off from every friend who is into drugs so that they don’t hold you back on your journey to being free.

Avoid locations where people do drugs

Being in the wrong location can hinder you from overcoming drug addiction.

There are some places that you will go to and it is normal to take drugs. If you don’t take drugs in places like these you will seem like the odd one out.

For instance, going to nightclubs regularly when you are addicted to drugs can hinder you from overcoming drug addiction.

Avoid Replacement Addictions

One of the mistakes most people addicted to drugs make is replacing their addiction with another drug.

This is a bad move that you should not try. The point is that all these drugs have adverse effects on the health. Don’t let anyone deceive you that one drug is better than the other. All drugs if taken too much have adverse effects on health.

The only suggestion I can give you if you are addicted to drugs is water. Let water replace your addiction.

Water can heal and cleanse your system.

Patience and Perseverance

Drug addiction does not start in a day the same way drug addiction does not go in a day.

It is a gradual process you need to start now, it may take a while before you start seeing positive results but you need to be patient with yourself.

The process of overcoming drug addiction is always harder than the process of getting into drug addiction.

So, it is a tough process when working on overcoming drug addiction but you need to persevere.

Pray to God for help

After you have followed all the steps above, don’t forget to pray to God asking Him for help to overcome addiction.

Addiction could be likened to being possessed by something stronger than you.

There is a spiritual aspect to life and the spiritual controls the physical. In the same way, every website has a backend and the backend controls the frontend looks.

So, you can control every other aspect of your life by tweaking them from your spiritual life. The way to tweak things from the spirit realm is by praying regularly.


Addiction to hard drugs is common among young people today and they feel it is beneficial to them because of the way it makes them think not knowing that it has adverse effects on their health

Hard drugs may not affect the body immediately but as you keep using them, they have adverse effects on your health in the long run.

Do not get addicted to hard drugs, they can destroy your life. Hard drugs can affect people’s mental and physical health.

If you are addicted to hard drugs already, the good news is that there is a way out.

I’m sure there is a way out because I’ve seen people that overcame drug addiction. If they can, so can you also.

Now is the time to overcome drug addiction and start living a clean and healthy life.

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