Breaking Free: How to Stop Masturbation Forever

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Masturbation happens in a situation whereby you touch your body erotically to derive sexual pleasure.

Masturbation is an art that you can easily turn to addiction if not curtailed at a small stage.

Don’t let anyone deceive you that masturbation is okay or that it gives pleasure, I will tell you straight that it is a bad habit. Do not practice or encourage it.

Masturbation is not only bad, It is also harmful to the health and emotion

Harms caused by masturbation

Masturbation is harmful and I will be discussing some of the harms it causes in this post.

Physical discomfort

Overly vigorous or frequent masturbation can cause physical discomfort, such as soreness, chafing, or irritation of the genital area.

Decreased sexual sensitivity

Frequent masturbation may lead to decreased sensitivity in the genital area, which can affect sexual responsiveness. Some people may find it harder to reach orgasm with a partner due to desensitization.

Interference with daily life

Excessive masturbation can interfere with daily activities, work, and relationships if it becomes an obsessive or compulsive behaviour.

Relationship issues

If one partner in a relationship masturbates excessively while neglecting sexual intimacy with their partner, it can lead to relationship problems or dissatisfaction.

Psychological effects

For some individuals, excessive masturbation can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, or anxiety, particularly if they have been raised in cultures or religious backgrounds that view masturbation as sinful or inappropriate.

Sleep disturbances

Some people may experience sleep disturbances or fatigue if they engage in frequent masturbation, particularly if it disrupts their sleep patterns.

Loss of productivity

Spending excessive time on masturbation can interfere with daily responsibilities, such as work or studies, leading to decreased productivity.

How to stop masturbation

The best way to stop masturbation is to pray to God asking for help, there are some issues that may seems you cant handle yourself.

Maturbation is one of such issues. You need a stronger power to deliver you out of it. So, the best thing to do is to pray to God and He will surely deliver you.

Masturbation is a bad habit, if you have been into it, STOP now. Ask God for Help

Say this prayer “My Father, I come to you asking for mercy, please have mercy and deliver me from the spirit of masturbation in Jesus Name” Amen

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