Are There Consequences For Sharing False Biblical Doctrines?

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If you are someone who reads your Bible regularly, you will notice that some biblical Doctrines being shared are false. You may be wondering if sharing these false do have consequences.

The answer is yes. Sharing False doctrine has its consequences while sharing true doctrine has its benefits.

Some people see sharing the gospel as a business and as a means of making money, such people will preach a false doctrine.

The standard to know if a doctrine is true is by finding its source in the Bible. Whenever a preacher shares what the word of God says, that is the true doctrine.

So, how do you know what false Doctrines are? False doctrine sounds good but it doesn’t have backing from the Bible.

For instance if a preacher tells you that once you receive Jesus Christ into your life, your past and future sins are forgiven already. That’s sounds nice but it isn’t in the Bible.

Or if a preacher tells you that homosexuality is normal and God accepts it, that’s sounds good but it can be found in the Bible.

It is not every doctrine that sounds good and encouraging that is a true doctrine but it is the doctrine which takes root from the word of God that is the true doctrine.

Consequences Of Sharing False Doctrine

Everything we do in life has its consequences. If you sow a good seed, you will have a good harvest. If you sow a bad seed, you will have a bad harvest. At the end of the, what you sow is what you reap.

It leads people to hell

At the end of life, it is either we go to heaven or hell. The true word of God leads people to heaven, it helps them attain eternal life.

While the false doctrine leads people to hell which is eternal destruction. So do not encourage false doctrine, even though it sounds nice it is a channel leading people to hell.

It increases sin

Sharing false doctrine makes people comfortable to continue sinning against God. False doctrine hardly condemns sin instead it encourages it indirectly.

It leads to spiritual weakness

As christains we a soldiers for Christ and one of the ways we strengthen ourselves is by hearing the true word of God.

The Bible says faith comes by hearing. It is faith in God that can maes by hearing, and hearingby the word of God.

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

New King James Version Romans 10:17

The implication of listening to false doctrine is that it doesn’t strengthen you spiritually because it is not the true word, it will only make you feel good and encourage you for a while.

A curse on the preacher

Sharing false doctrine can bring curse upon the teacher sharing it. If you have been doing that before, please stop.

“As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.”

New King James Version Galatians 1:9


Whenever you hear a doctrine and you feel it is different from what the Bible says, feel free to crosscheck with your Bible.

Sharing of false doctrine has done a lot of damage in the church and it should not be encouraged.

We should only share what the word of God says and every word that we share should be inspired by the word of God and not by our personal experience or knowledge.

If you are a teacher of the word, make sure you study your Bible before teaching others, so that you don’t teach them the wrong thing.

It is easy not to teach wrong doctrine when we stick to what the Bible says.

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