10 Skills That Will Set You Up For Success In Your 30s And Beyond.

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Where we are today is a function of the choices we have made in the past. That means if you want to be successful in your 30s, there are decisions you need to make now to make that happen.

Success doesn’t happen in a day and success doesn’t happen by luck. You need to plan and work hard to be successful in life.

From the statement above, you can see that success is a function of our daily habits. Success is what we become over time based on the skills we have and what we do with it.

You can achieve success early in life if you plan for your success early. Guess what! You can also achieve success in life late if you start planning late.

In the real sense, success is rather late than never, which means achieving success late isn’t bad but I prefer to achieve success early in life. So, the choice is yours.

There are some skills you need to develop as a young person if you want to be successful in your 30s.

I will be discussing these skills in this post.

Communication Skills

Learn how to develop your communication skills here

Leadership skills

Learn how to develop your leadership skills here

Digital skills

Top digital skills you should learn

Adaptability skills

How to improve your adaptability skills

Resilience skills

How to build and develop resilience

Critical thinking skills

How to improve your critical thinking skills

Synergy skills

How to create synergy in the workplace

Financial Literacy skills

Financial literacy skills for beginners

Meditation skills

How to get started with meditation

Prayer skills

How to pray bold prayer


The skills you learn and develop today can set you up for success tomorrow. The question I have for you is, what skill are you learning today?

There are also some skills you can learn based on your career path in life. I didn’t discuss that in this post because that is something you need to look into and make a decision for yourself.

By developing the skills we discussed above, you will be setting yourself up for success and the good thing is success will start knocking at your door. Success becomes your friend.

Choose to live a successful life today and keep making that choice. Being successful in life is a choice we make consciously or unconsciously.

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