Why Humility Is Important For Success In Life

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So you have high self-esteem and a strong sense of your own worth. You see yourself as a person of value, able to accomplish great things. Perhaps you even think of yourself as amazing or brilliant.

You might think that with all these positive views of yourself, you must be among the most self-confident people on earth — a humble version of “super confident”. But here’s the thing: while it’s good to have so much belief in yourself, it could also be holding you back from achieving even more success than you’ve already gotten so far.

Why? Because research has shown that humility is one of the most important character traits for thriving in life — not just for successful business leaders but in every area of your life.

Humility makes you a better team member

Humility makes you a better team member if you work with a team. In a team where you have intelligent people, you will always have conflict because everyone feels they have the best knowledge. Nobody wants to take orders from other team members.

In a situation whereby you have humble people in a team, the conflict will be minimal because everyone will try to see things from each other’s perspectives.

Humility makes you serve others

Humility makes us do things for people whether or not they can repay us. A good example is African leaders, they do not come into positions to serve instead they come into positions to rule.

Serving others means helping others to do things that they cannot do themselves because you have the ability. If you are not humble, you cannot serve others.

Humility makes others help you

In life, what goes around comes around. If you help others, you will lo get people that will help you willingly. If you don’t help others also, you won’t get much help from them.

If you want to get help from others, you should learn to help others also. We all need help in our lives. No successful man can claim that he achieved his success all alone.

I hear a lot of people call themselves “self-made success”, that is a lie. They had people to help them, and that was why they were able to be successful. Someone gave birth to them, someone taught them the skills they have, they have doctors to help them with their health, they have a technology company that made the internet available to them and so many examples abound that I can discuss.

But the bottom line is that we are all interdependent in life.

Humility makes you ask for assistance

When you are humble, you do not feel too big to ask for assistance when you need it. I see a lot of people that need help but they can’t ask because they feel too big to ask.

For example, you can see a manager who is not skilled in some particular areas but feels too big to ask his subordinate for assistance because he feels he’s their manager.

Whenever you need assistance, ask people around you. You might just get a yes for an answer. Why die in silence when the help you need is right here in front of you.

Humility makes you accept correction

Not accepting correction is one of the major undoings of people. Some people find it hard to accept correction. Some people will never accept that they are wrong.

When you do not know you are wrong, you cannot make an amendment.
In short, humble people make corrections with happiness while those who are proud reject correction. If I correct you once and you do not accept I will not want to correct you the next time you make a mistake but if you accept my correction the first time, I will be willing to correct you again.

Humility helps you control your anger

Humility gives them the ability to overlook some things that might make them angry. If you want to be successful in life, you should learn not to react to everything you hear about yourself or react to everything people do to you.

People will always offend you, they will always gossip about you, they will always step on your toes, and they will always want to make you feel bad but humility teaches you to respond appropriately and accordingly by focusing more on the success you want to achieve rather than what people say behind you.

Humility gets you promoted

If you want to be promoted in life, be humble. Bosses love to promote those that are humble because they know that position will not intoxicate them.

So, if you want to be promoted, be humble. Being humble does mean you shouldn’t be hard working but it simply means you don’t allow your success to get into your head and make you feel superior to others.

We are all human beings with our own unique and special abilities.

Humility makes you favored

Humility makes you a favored person. Favor does not come to you by working hard for it. Favor is something inside of you that attracts people to you.

One of the ingredients of favor is humility. When you are humble, people can feel it and this will attract them to favor you.

Humility makes you friendly

Friendship is one of the keys to success in life. Show me your friends and I can tell you if you will be successful or not.

Humility makes it easy for you to get along with people easily. It makes you connect with people around you without much effort.


Humility is one of the most important keys to success in life. It makes people less sensitive to criticism and more open to suggestions. It helps them get along better with people from other walks of life and helps them maintain good relationships with their children, their friends, and their colleagues.

In short, humility helps you achieve your goals. Too much pride can make you lose out on things but too much humility can do just the opposite.

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