What Is Your Soul Purpose For Living? To Get Rich Or Add Value To Others

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Your purpose for living determines the decisions you make in life. That is one of the general principles of life. Like the bible says that a good name is better than riches, for you to build a good name is based on the decisions you make daily, and to get riches also depends on the decisions you make daily.

To have a good name means having a good reputation that precedes you, it’s all about being known for something good. For instance, you may be an excellent doctor, a renowned life coach, a successful engineer, a successful trainer, or the CEO of a big organization. That which you do to affect the lives of others is the good name you are known for.

What most people don’t know is that a good name comes with riches too. So why sell your soul just to get rich when you can actually build a good name and the riches will also follow.

Living to make money is good but there is a greater purpose than making money.

Examples Of People That Lived A Purposeful Life In The Bible

There are lots of examples in the bible but let’s take a look at a few.

For instance, if you look at the life of Jesus, you will notice he was more interested in affecting people’s life than making himself rich. That’s why he was able to feed multitudes. That’s something only a rich person can do, feeding over 5000 people. So it is right to say Jesus was rich.

Peter was also able to heal the beggar at the temple gate because he wanted to affect lives. If at all Peter was solely after money he would not be able to affect the lives of people.

Solomon’s case is also a classic example, God appeared to him in the dream to ask him for whatever he wanted, and Solomon chose to ask for wisdom to rule his people over asking for riches. God gave Solomon what he wanted but also gave wealth alongside what he asked.

He was able to ask for wisdom because he wanted to impart lives. So imagine if Solomon had asked God for wealth, he would have gotten it but he wouldn’t have gotten the wisdom he required to rule his people.

These days most people live their lives for the sole purpose of getting rich, they do not have the intention of living their lives to add value to others. This type of purpose cannot make you fulfilled as you will always feel emptiness in your life.

What most people don’t know is when you live your life to make an impact on others around you, riches will come to you and you will not need to start running after riches. Only then can you start living a fulfilled life once you start adding value to others.

Why don’t you think deep today and then look at how you can add value to people around you to build a good name you will see that once you start adding value to others, you will begin to get rich gradually. But I don’t want money to be the sole aim of your purpose, I want you to have a greater purpose for living.

An example of someone in the bible that lived to make money is Judas Iscariot and you can see where it landed him, he made the wrong decisions which led to his death. If your sole purpose for living is to make money, you will always make wrong decisions.

A lot of people keep making this mistake over again because of their love for money; they keep making wrong decisions and don’t intend to change believing a miracle will happen someday.

Do not let your sole purpose for living mainly be about getting rich, instead desire a greater purpose. Impact and add value to the lives of people around you.

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