Is Success The Key To Happiness? (FIND OUT HERE)

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One question I hear a lot of times is what can make people happy. Most people will tell you that success is the key to happiness but is success the key to happiness?

The truth is happiness does not always come from success. Sometimes, it is just the state of your heart. Someone might be successful and might still not be happy and someone might not be successful and still be happy.

So, being successful is not a guarantee that you will be happy but being successful can help you to be happy.

Successful people are always happy most times because they like the result they are getting out of life while most people who fail are always sad.

For instance, if two teams are playing the game of soccer, you will notice that the winning side are always happy and shouting while the losing side are always sad and quiet.

From the scenario painted above, you can see that success can be a factor to being happen life. If you get all the things you want in life and succeed at everything you do, you will definitely be happy about life.

Some facts to ponder about

Fact 1: Money doesn’t always make you happy

A lot of people have the notion that money makes people happy and they say money makes the world ground.

I can tell you that there are a lot of rich people out there that are not happy. Imagine someone who is rich but isn’t healthy or imagine having toothache or a serious headache, you won’t be happy even f there is money in your account. What can make you happy at that point in time is regaining your health.

Fact 2: Balanced success makes you happy

When you succeed in every area of life then you will definitely be happy. If you are successful in 2 areas out of 10 areas in life, you will likely not be happy. But if you are successful in 8 areas out of 10 areas in life, then you will likely be happy.

You will hear the statement that the rich also cry. This is because a lot of times, some people focus only on being successful financially and they become rich but they don’t focus on other areas of life and this makes them fail in other areas of life.

So, it is very possible for rich people to have a pain in their life if they do not succeed in other areas of their life.

Fact 3: You can make a choice to be successful

Being successful in life is a choice. Success comes as a result of the choice we daily, which is why success is a matter of the choices we make in life.

You decide to be successful and you can also decide not to be successful and you can make that choice today.

Truth 4: You can make a choice to be happy at all times

Being happy in life is also a choice we need to make and it is a choice we need to make every day.

Do not let circumstances determine your happiness. Most people that are unhappy are in that state because of the circumstances they are surrounded with.

You should not also let other people determine your happiness in life because that is also another thing that makes people really unhappy in life.


So, I’m putting out the question to you again, is success the key to happiness? Your answer all depends on how you look at life.

Success is a factor to be happy but it is not the key to happiness. They key to happiness is making the decision to be happy all the days of your life. Like I pointed out in this post, being happy is a decision you need to make for yourself, nobody can make that decision for you.

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