How To Start Agricultural Business In Nigeria (GROWTH STRATEGY!)

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agricultural business

Starting a business is easy but growing a business can be tough, so I won’t just want you to start an agricultural business but I want you to grow it and make it a success.

In that light I will be sharing few tips with you on how to start and grow your agricultural business.

Determine the type of agricultural business you want to do

When going into agricultural business you need to determine the type of farming you want to go into. There are basically 3 types of agriculture which are arable farming, pastoral farming and mixed farming (both arable and pastoral).

Most people get confused when they want to go into agriculture because they do not know what type of farming they really want to do and you know it can be tiring when you don’t know what you want.

Know what type of farming you want to do and stick to it then you will be able to succeed faster in you agricultural business.

Learn from someone in the business

Before going into any business, it is good that you learn and get advice from people who are in that line of business already so that you can avoid mistakes most starters might make.

It is not always easy to get someone to learn from for so many reasons, some people might not have time while some people might not just want to share their strategy with you.

In situation whereby you can’t get someone to train you, you can make research online or buy books related to the business you want to start but it is better if you have someone to mentor and guide you through.

Have a business plan

A business plan is a document setting out future objectives of your business and the strategies you intend to use to achieve them.

Most people find it difficult to write a business plan because they want to write something comprehensive but I feel it is better when you have a simple business plan to work with.

Just come up with a business plan even if it does not look professional but it is better to have something to work with than nothing to work with.

Source for capital

You will definitely need capital to start any business even though it might not be much but you will still need some funds. So the question is how do you get these funds.

One of the easiest options people think of sourcing for capital is from financial institutions, which I feel is not the best option because most financial institutions charge high interest rate.

My advice is that you source for funds from friends and family but if that is not possible then you can source for funds from financial institution being the last option.

Get a land

I don’t think it is possible to do farming without having a land, no matter the type of farming you intend to practice; you will still need a land.

In a situation like this the location of the land does not really matters but what matters is how fertile the land can be.

Just know that it is important for you to have a land if you want go into agricultural business as that is one of the most important resources that you need.

Start small

Don’t wait to start big, you can start with the resources that you have now. You can start with the land, materials and tools you have then you can get more resources as your business expands.

You can even use your house as an office(I don’t mean as farm). The mistake a lot of people make is that they want to start big and it is not always easy to start big except you have large capital to invest in the business.

Start the sowing

When it comes to farming the general priniciple is that you sow and you reap. If you do not sow then do not expect to reap harvest.

Most people see agricultural business as being stressful because you need to wait for your seed to grow but most people want fast money. In agricultural business you need to learn how to wait seasons

Source for clients

In every business customer is King and that means your business cannot exist without your customers.

One of the issues most start up businesses face is that they have good product but do not have customers to patronize them and it is the same case with an agricultural business also.

Just do your best to source for customers to buy your product and you can do this by promoting your business offline and online.

In conclusion

People have been doing agricultural business and they are succeeding at it and you can also go into this business and succeed.

For you to succeed fast, you will need to have a mentor, plan your business and take necessary actions.

You can succeed in any business you intend to do, so do not let fear hold you back from starting, you can start small with the resources that you have.

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