Accessing God’s Unmerited Favor: Lessons from Luke 5:1-11

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From the story in the passage above, it shows how a man was able to access God’s unmerited favour and that man is Peter.

We can see that there were two boats available and Jesus needed a boat, so He had to choose one of the boats.

caught fish so much that he couldn’t carry it alone, he had to invite his friends to help him get the fish out of the water.

Well, the truth is that Peter didn’t do anything special to attract Jesus to his boat. That is what we call a case of unmerited favour.

When Jesus Christ chose the boat to use, there were no criteria that were stated in the bible on why he chose the boat.

This goes to show in life that sometimes, you can be the preferred option without knowing the reason why you were selected.

Since it was an unmerited favour, you might be wondering how Peter accessed it.

If you look at the situation critically, not everyone would have responded like Peter did.

Some people will tell you they can’t release their boat unless you pay the first.

Some people would have started their fishing activity all over again instead of releasing their boats.

Your attitude determines your altitude in life. If you have a bad attitude, you will not go far in life but if you have a right attitude, you will go far in life.

I will be showing you 2 things that Peter did right and how you can also apply them in your personal life.

Willingness to serve

Peter was willing to serve and I know this because he didn’t make an issue or ask for payment before releasing his boat for Jesus to use.

Peter was having a bad time that day and even in that circumstance, he was willing to release his boat for Jesus to use.

Imagine you have a store where you sell products and one particular day no one showed up to buy from your store.

Then from nowhere, you see a pastor and he approaches you to allow him your store for a crusade.

I am sure a lot of people will not accept this request.

Most people won’t accept this request because they will still be figuring out ways to make money before they go home.

This is quite understandable.

To access unmerited favour in life, we should be willing to serve even when no pay is promised or even when the pay is lower than we expected.

Don’t hold back from serving others because money is not involved. I am not against you accepting pay for your service.

But what I am saying is even when no one is willing to pay you for your service, you should look for an opportunity to serve and add value to others.

Follow instruction

The next thing Peter did that made him access unmerited favour was that he followed the instruction Jesus Christ gave him.

Peter was a professional fisherman, logically he didn’t need to accept the instruction because that was his field. He had been a fisherman all his life.

When it comes to God giving us instruction, it doesn’t have to be logical. When God gives you an instruction, just do it out of faith.

That was what Peter did and he got a net-breaking miracle.

If you learn to follow God’s instructions all the time, you will experience a lot of miracles in your life.

For every instruction you obey, there is a blessing attached to it.

You might be wondering if God has been speaking to you, well the answer is yes, God speak to us a lot of time by giving us insights and ideas on what to do at the time.

The issue most people have is that they prefer working with their head knowledge instead of following the insights and ideas that God gives them.


From all I have said above, you will notice that unmerited favour can come your way at any time but your attitude will determine if you will get it or not.

If you have the right attitude by serving others whenever the opportunity offers itself and also following the ideas God put in your heart, you will continuously access unmerited favour in life.

Don’t have a wrong or negative attitude towards life because it will hinder you from accessing unmerited favour that may come your way.

As you go about your day, have that belief that you will always be the preferred option wherever you go.

You might be offering the same services to other people but if you position yourself to access unmerited favour, you will always be ahead of them.

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