How To Succeed In Importation Business Using Your Mobile Phone

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How To Succeed In Importation Business Using Your Mobile Phone

Mini Importation Using Your Mobile Phone

This short course is for anyone that wants to make extra income or for someone who has never made any money doing online business before. This is a sure model that works for anyone be it a student or a worker.

Well, the reason why the course is termed to be mini importation is that you do not need to invest a lot of money before you get started. You can get started with as low as 30,000,40,000 or 50,000 depending on your capacity and how much you are willing to invest.

And with this small amount, you can make good returns if you know how to promote your items very well.

You do not need to look for big funds before you can start up your business. In this short course, you will learn all you need to know about mini importation.

This course is not for people that are looking for a shortcut to make money. This course will teach you the normal process of making money easily and it can be done on your phone.


The things you will require to succeed in this business model include

  • Startup Capital (30,000/40,000/50,000)
  • Smartphone
  • Data

Once you meet all these requirements, then you can get started with this business model.

The idea is that you import products from China and sell it in Nigeria.

You can start this business from your bedroom, you do not need an office. You can start this business as a student. You can also do this business if you are an employee.

I have friends that follow this business model and that is their major source of income.

As for me, it is just one of my sources of income but it is not my major source of income. It is profitable if you are serious and take action.

I stumbled upon this business model when I went for training and I met a married man who told me what he does for a living is that he selling memory cards and flash drives which he imports from China.

That was what inspired me to go into this business and I was able to make a profit, I can assure you that if you follow the steps in this eBook, you will make a profit in this business.

I will be making this write-up short and straight to the point so that you can practicalize what is taught in it.

I have imported Bluetooth earpiece and smartwatch and I’ve sold all of them at good prices making a profit.

I’ve also had some challenges in this line of business which include some items being faulty but I was able to resolve them.

One of the reasons why you need this book is so that you can avoid making mistakes and achieve success fast in business.

Product Ideas

There are many products that you can sell to make a profit so you do not need to copy anyone.

I will be giving you some product ideas you can import and sell for profit.

You can import products based on what people need, based on a product you can use or you could simply model another successful business and sell the same thing they sell.

Below are some product ideas.

  • Shoes
  • Women hair
  • Wristwatches
  • Smartwatch
  • Bluetooth earpiece
  • Wedding rings
  • Beauty products
  • Bags

You can also go for products that meet the following criteria:

  • Scarce commodities e.g. spy wristwatch and glasses
  • Solves a problem e.g. teeth whitener
  • Elegant e.g. series 7 smartwatch
  • Easy sell to ladies e.g. hair extension
  • You should also go for items with light weight to avoid paying too much money for the shipping fee.

Best Platforms To Buy From

There are several platforms where you can shop online on your mobile phone and send it to Nigeria. I will be showing you a few but I will recommend the one I use and I will give you my reasons.


The one I recommend is Alibaba because it has a lot of features.

  • Refund policy

You can get a refund when a seller sells bad or defective products to you. You can also raise a claim when in a situation whereby the item wasn’t sent or the item sent isn’t complete.

  • Price Limit

You can set limits on products you intend to buy. You can choose a range and this makes searching for products easy.

  • Chat

It also has a feature that makes you chat with sellers. With this feature you can tell a seller to customize your product, you can select different colors of the product, you can also ask for videos from the sellers and you can ask for all the information you need before making a purchase.

  • Flexible Payment Method

Payment on Alibaba is so simple, you can use your local debit card to make a payment (Master or Visa card) which means you do not need an agent to help you make a payment. Although most banks only allow you to make a payment of 100USD a month I will show you how to make a payment above 100USD.

  • Mobile app.

The best part is that you can operate this platform on your mobile phone. No need for a laptop

How to place an order

I will be showing you how to place an order for items on Alibaba and it is so simple.

  • First, you will need to download the Alibaba app on your phone

Android >>> Download here

iOs>>> Download here

Desktop>>> Click here

  • Register using your Gmail or any other email address but I find it easier using Gmail because it is already logon on my phone and I just need to make a click and I will have access to my Alibaba account on my android phone.
  • Search for the item you want to buy. You can search by typing the item’s name and as you search you will see many options. You can add the ones that meet your criteria to your favorite list.
  • The next step is to send a message to the sellers that meet your specification and negotiate the price. You can tell them to send you pictures and videos of the items. You can also discuss color, customization, and any other modification you need on the item.
  • You need to send the seller your shipping agents’ details. You will need to have a shipping agent in china that can help you send items to Nigeria.

You can also try shipping directly through DHL or other courier companies but the fee is usually high.

You can also send your items through sea freight which is very cheap but it will take around 3 months before it gets to Nigeria. You can use this if you are importing heavy and plenty items.

The option I use which I also suggest you go for at the moment is air freight using an agent in china. The details of my agent are below and you can send them to your seller.

  • At this point, you should request an invoice from the seller. Make sure all your transactions are done on the Alibaba platform to avoid being scammed.

For instance, I chat with sellers on WhatsApp but when it comes to making payments, I make sure it is done through the Alibaba app.

  • You can make a payment using your debit master card.

Most banks usually give you a limit of $50 per month but if you have a situation whereby the item you are buying is over $50, you can tell the seller to split the invoice and pay based on how you intend to pay.

You can pay using Paypal but you will need to fund your account with USD. Once your account is funded, you can make payments easily.

How to receive your order

Once you have followed the steps above you should just be expecting your item

Your order should arrive within 14 to 21 days and you can go to pick it up at their warehouse in Lagos. This can also be done ina any country or city as you will always have shipping agents available.

Shipping through sea

You can also ship by sea if you have big items to import. Send items through sea freight is more economical but the item takes about 3-4 months before it gets to Nigeria from china.

You can send a WhatsApp message to the number below to help you import items from China. You can also contact me to help you promote your products on Facebook and Instagram.


Cheers to your success in business!

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