Business Etiquettes You Should Develop In Nigeria

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Business etiqette

Business etiquette is all about building relationship with other people especially in your line of business. It’s also about creating a comfortable environment where others can do business. We will be discussing some business etiquette you should develop in the Nigeria business environment.

One of the main reasons why you need to develop business etiquette is because it helps you promote good relationship between you and your customers and your employees also.

Let’s look at some business etiquette you should develop in the Nigeria business environment.

Be timely

Forget about the idea of following Nigeria time where you don’t stick to time. Keep to time agreed upon by you and your clients even if they don’t keep to it. This will make you stand out from other businesses.

Some people feel it’s normal to come for a meeting late because that is what they’ve been seeing everyone doing but you can be an exception.


In business it is always good to deliver on your promises. When you have promised to deliver service to your customers, make sure you do so if possible even before the time agreed upon.

If there’s any change about how or when to deliver your service then this should be communicated to your customers as early as possible.

Be humble

In business, you need to be willing to serve your customers and not just doing your business for the purpose of making profit only.

You should be willing to listen to customers complain and also be willing to adjust your operation of your business so as to meet customers need.

Say hello

In business you should learn to always greet people around you as it brings about positive energy in your environment. You can simply wish people around you a good morning or you simply say hello to them.

Greeting is also a sign of respect so when you greet people it shows that you respect them and when you don’t greet people around you that mean you don’t respect or regard them.

Dress appropriately

I hear this saying a lot of times “the way you are dressed is the way you are going to be addressed” and it’s the truth because if you dress well, people will pay attention and listen but if you dress rough people won’t give you the attention you need.

In the business world you will meet with people regularly, they might be your customers, your prospect, your business partners or your competitors and when meeting with them it’s always good you dress well.

Be a good communicator

As a business man you need to be a good communicator because you need to be able to communicate your ideas effectively to customers as this will help persuade them to do business with you.

Good communication also involves ability to listen to your customers when they have complains to make. Listening to your customers and providing the right solutions will help you build good relationship with your customers and also make them trust you.

Gifting Culture

It is always good to appreciate your customers after they’ve transacted business with you. It’s also nice you thank your customers but you shouldn’t stop at that you can also give your customers gift sometimes so as to appreciate them.

Don’t be a business man that is stingy only thinking of the profit you are going to make when doing business but as a business man you should think of the value you will add to customers and not only that but also gift you can use to appreciate them for choosing you.

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